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Space Engineers - Remote Control, Drone Ships & Timer block

Thank you thank you very much.Cant stop laughing at 06:43 Anand shaking his head after realized he missed a free pawn.Because you can use the king and promote the pawn of course.8:55 i got d diagonal?Thinking of making something like this for my daughter's birthday 74.It was a 1950s interoffice dictaphone recorder called Audograph.I want to be the 4th Chess Grandmaster of african decent!

Phn cng hay

Phn cng hay

At 2:17 after b3, can e4 be played forking both the knights?His build-up social media colouring is engaging, would you agree?That game with EngineGod was such a slog.Love the 8th definition of the wiki:.At 10:24, cool mate would have been: Re3 f2, Rxe4 Bxe4.By the way, out of interest, I wanted to ask if Huber Rudolf is some your relative?Works well, cost less than $5 to create.Universal in Japanese bikes (and electronic goods) not even workshops had drivers, hence every old Nippon bike had chewed screws.That's wizards chess.

Names a links please please please pleaseplease please please Please pls.What’s the product you use to hide the split on the edges?How the Erick did u not cut ur self.The title undersells the video a bit.Really interesting game.Mf4 thng nhanh gn l.Sound when something fall on eart).Looking forward to your other vids.

Wasn't rape to her because he couldn't get it up.The lineup of the grain made it perfect!Man, what an awesome job.I'd like to get some myself.This Old TonyIt's me again.How long did it take you to build this plane?It was a location i passed by daily.

Must be something in the air.What does Akiska mean or what is it's significance to Carl?Bro I have a Doubt how to Checkmate with Double knights.Now i am studying IT in university and i wish i will become a video game programmer.Great video as always!12:35 screaming at my computerQh6 anything Qg7mate in two!

mohd Abdulaziz

Thanks not interested .

Bezzle Bedeviled

15:33 -- If, instead of RxN, Kasparov defends with QxN, then Qh1, Ke2 (only legal move), Qe1 (mate, as the white queen and rook are sitting on the white squares needed to escape).


agadmator is the hoodie man!


12:03 the black knight can just take on f2. Forcing white's king to take and can't castle on both sides. Will this affect white's performance?

End Game2

I really enjoy how I think of similar candidate moves as suggested from the audience, and he actually explores and refutes some of them.


7:32 Sorry, I don't own a chess engine.Does every engine rate this a win for White at this point (after Rf7) (?)



Abdulmajeed Ck


Perttu Yli-Opas

Really interesting subject, but she goes through it a little slow, gets a bit boring. (Not too much I'm still watching!)

Carl Hess

Hi. Is the raffle tickets still for sale?Also do you sell your custom pool cues?

Dont Lie Tell The Truth

In todays day and age and the technology at their disposal, there are probably many ways she could have cheated. It's also possible that such a lower ranking player could have had a fair and winning run as she had, but not bloody likely! I smell a rat.

George Reynolds

I remember as a student trying to code a bubble sort in Fortran on an IBM 360 - never got to see anything like this! Any one know which is the most efficient?Which one Excel uses in "sort"?

Koen Palstermans

Exellent chess lecture. Thank you.

Kingsley Ifeanyi

Ronnie looks like a guy that uses iphone11pro without a case and screen guard

David Asecas

Where is the clickbait Botez with a red bra?

Prajval Ramesh

Thur the nrj Jr ntr and RAM Charan

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