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Stacy Lyn's Southern Buttermilk Biscuits: 3 Ways with One Recipe | Stacy Lyn Harris

Sounds so familiar but I can’t place it!Dividing 12 into equal or unequal parts can help reveal harmonic relationships.Put a freaking glass on it.

11:18 that scream wasn't Real!Im disliking so my friends don't see this video ).The metal part is too big thats why it takes soo long time under fire to heat up. We do not even have crocodiles.I don’t disapprove of the math, but is it even physically possible to fold a piece of a paper that much?

He works the lathe with a bow in his right hand and guides the chisel with his left foot, and thanks to a lifetime of sitting in this position his left leg is warped out of shape.Can help me launch more effectively in kerbal space programme.Screw you mister screw you ( 3:50 ).Tag "DeadZone") in TapController andd put back to true on start rigidbody.I think it's unfortunate that only 2 of 3 dimensions are wavythe glue up between the 2 wavy boards is straight.Or check mate on f5.Beautiful work and engineering, thank you!What websiteprogram are you using to play?

Great commentary as well, like always!James: takes off shirt Eugene: gaying.It's really hard for me to get into the games when I'm jumping in halfway through.So just like there are an infinite number of infinite cardinalities (which we can think of as power sets of the natural numbers), are there also infinitesimals that correspond to 1a0, and 1(2a0) and 122a0 and so on where a0 is the alephnull?I'm just started watching chess can anyone explain how Magnus won?

We can use RMS method

We can use RMS method

I came here after Brackeys begginer tutorial to get more experience in the basic stuff, and the only thing I got is annoyed.The whole drama of tempation, sin, and punishment, of conflict, effort and victory of justice, is there depicted in miniature.YOU ARE WHERE YOU SHOULD BE.4:00 that’s my friends that don’t watch twoset.I wanna buy this machine and guy for 10 dollars.

Trash camera man.

Trash camera man.

Bring back Hansen for the next tourney.At 11:47 why not rook to h1?Ben Finegold is, and always will be, my favorite Grand Master.Have you ever made a petal shaped cake?This guy is witty.I can't imagine Jerry losing to this for some reason xD.

I find it short.Discogs currently has them from sellers in Denmark, USA, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and Austria.But what if Benko uses the knight to take the rook on e8 and then instead of bishop takes bishop on f3 Benko plays Nf6 check?Also me: watches a 15 minute video of commercials Me again:Hm, this is entertaining!Brilliant - you made my day.I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE NOEN I follow him on tik tok.

He's made it clear words like racist and bully are changing our nation in a horrific way.In order to be the 9th ranked Sergey, Carlsen had to go to rapid time control.The game uses Rooks and Bishops.It just shows the skills of a computer designed to show the best moves in a given position.I feel Magnus could put his immense talent to better use in the long run :).I found it fairly easily.Third, what did you put inside the box for internal refection dampening.


someone pls give magnus a tripod

Tina Orr

I like Lou, but in this interview, I think he should allow Azar to finish a sentence/answer his question.

Dana Anthony

Well that was interesting to watch. It turned out beautiful but I’m just not to sure what it is? A piece of art? Wish it had a use....

Gabriele Trovato

Damn that seems chocolate! Awesome!

Vulpush X

Grischuk is now planing ... "Whoever I will play I will take him to the rook and pawns endgame - they know nothing about it" :D

Dik Hed

Aluminum?Never for any Stainless.

Mr. Clifford Johnson

Very nicevideo, I learned a lot from this for making a plane.

Michael Hays

At 6:24, Bh3 is a faster win, since what would follow is Kb8 a7 Ka8 Bg2. Not that anyone wouldn't be able to mate once promoting, but helpful in case you somehow find yourself near the fifty-move rule :)

Tinker Freak

Wow what beautiful craftsmanship ,I would buy those in a heart beat if they were for sale

So Cute


Uh Really

Hard to watch the game when you have two beautiful people on screen.

Thomas Fisher

The reason the petg filament goes around the nozzle is because the nozzle is not hot enough. I heat my nozzle around 240 and it works perfect

Dion Cavanaugh

Ivanchuk is quickly becoming one of my favorite players. Such beautiful chess.


One of my all time favorite games! Thank you for analyzing it. :) Cheers!

shannell janah

Mang kulaaaaass

Kingsley Collinson

Would of been so much more relaxing without that fucking piano

Ben Buchwald

I heard a rumor though, that in the episode "22 Short Films About Springfield", there aren't 22 shorts, but only 18 which is written as 22 in base 8. Is there any truth to that, indicating that they do sometimes use base 8 in The Simpsons?

Nitu Sinha

tumhara sound madarchod jaisa hai

Hamchi Carcone

Try Fritz for lichess


10:40 starts the lecture

jordan mason

My girlfriend said that she check the oli in makeup and with the olis in your skin particals if that helps

Nika T

I got 3 right.Oof.

Vinayak Jadhav

That ghost is under the table.

Agustn Yanuchausky

shut the fuck up and show the game


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