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Standard Chess #248: NimzoBros vs. IM Bartholomew (Reversed Stonewall)

Instructions unclear I checkmated myself.Well doneVery nice.Cain Bain uThat’s Mongolian.Gonna learn a whole programming language just so I can mod the school computers and not worry about firewalls.Carlsen has a Beard?Sometimes I get the feeling that Ben Finegold was once a gorilla that some scientists experimented with and suddenly it became intelligent and wanted to harass its fellowbeings by playing chess.

Can you hack my teacher's facebook?

Can you hack my teacher's facebook?

Bravo and much appreciate you and your channel.Where can I buy a piece like this?Would be interesting to see fixinginstallation.It's always nice to see failure as well as success because people might feel like they can do projects themselves, too.If you wanna get good at shooting arrows, you don't need a fancy bow, you need a rezilient bow, one that can last hundreds and hundreds of shots.

Im not a wood worker but i

Im not a wood worker but i

She's a killer queen.Magnus never does.What happened to your old Ford with the full bed?For sale of course.I cant for the life of me figure out why the snake isnt moving.What is the dog's rating ?These are smaller and therefore perhaps a bit more handy in some ways for some circumstances ?About 1000 rating.Soooo did we notice that neither Zach or Eugene made any effort to get the other to leave the handcuffs for the entire eveningnight that they spent together?

Nothing All are beginners Waste

Nothing All are beginners Waste

Pano nakapagdrive un 3:10.Thank you so much!Also dont forget i gave shoutouts to everyone thats a member of my squad at the end of the video.How can you call it a Dovetail jig if you only cut a dovetail on one board and the other one is a straight pin.""tHe MyStErIoUs ReTuRn Of ThE bRiDge?Great video tutorial.He didn't actually finish the last problem before ending the video.So many questions, 1st.I don't like their decisions, I consider them unjust.The position dictates which piece is better.

Popped up on my feed.4:19 here is why xuxin is world rank n.Eternally grateful!Made Naka look like a beginner.Oh wait, I'm a machinist.

Sorry Ben, but you can adjust the way you teach for videos.Take each "top half" and match the inside curve to the hexagonal bottom mold and then do the same to the other side.En i tt f6 th sao.Agad : Paulsen saw all of this blindfoldme : wut ?When the water interd cities beer was brewed with it (you need good clean water dor beer).Of course it was monkeys they make everything including STD’s.

In Israel you learn this

In Israel you learn this

A0b1SERIUOSLY, shame of youA year to solve this.But, keep in mind, ca.All your uploads are enjoyable, especially the ones featuring Tal.That's the real start for everybody who would like to get some interest of the chess.I recommend you to watch Peter Svidler analysis, he explains Bc2 move ).Ok - goes back to silently judging you while I sip my coffee.Qh6 Kg8 Kg6 c8Q (this move is forced) Qh7.The views on this thing, lol.Por qu Kasparov estava reclamando ?

Roger Anglin

Watching on 02/29/20.


29:37 wow that was hard to watch


You should have done f4 then e8 for checkmate instead of doing it the way you did

Daniel Hess

I beat Magnus after watching this video!

richelle reynolds

Im stunned.


Hey X Ren has mending on his island. Beesting is a good name for your bow.


I think the "I need to finish an experiment" thing is more of a cover story to get over and blow up the star rather than procrastination.

jhakaas player


Realyn Julvaney

Hoy mga walang aral s magulang ka wawa ang kuba sana kayo na mag ka kuba mga bwsit kayo nako na iiyak ako diosko

Michael Griffiths

They shouldnt start the blitz timer until both players have agreed to blitz.


The king can only move 1 space in any direction

Alyssa Veronica

So u can live longer/shorter? Wtf

Tahiti Ahmed

This is my favoritetrick


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