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Standard Chess #268: Game 2 vs. Patrick (Queen's Indian Defense)

God i miss fearsome :(.Is this how sperm eventually reaches the egg?watches this while eating 50 cent instant pasta in a pot.I miss your videos!A fins in lichess titled arena.Guess everyone outside gets to look in the large window to see male parts.I made 4 chess sets, actually boxes which hold the pieces, and turned all the pieces and weighted the bottoms.And the Alekhine defense is on the board.

A true piece of shit.I always love hikaru's Playing.It's a stupid idea, but I love it and will be making one.I imagine how could a chess champion like Ivanchuk could miss mate in one.We are showing barefoot and and then looking for boots to cover them.Do they say anything out loud?Really not trying to offend or be a prick, but don't you think you should show that step ?Subject konchem kastam ga undhi.

The way he hold the mouse, cannot unsee

The way he hold the mouse, cannot unsee

Uhhhh partial credit lol.2:12:20 Knight c7 wins the bishop, no?That goose image flash around 9:24 is nightmare fuel.We need Praggu virus free!"not a people person".Thank u CHESS TALK.

What about when the door adjacent to a

What about when the door adjacent to a

You guys think that the snake died because of the lack of left turns, but in reality the snake evolved to the point where it got consciousness and understood that life dedicated to running in circles is not worth living.Can you please eloberate Laplace transform as well?What's inside Snapchat spectacles Snapchat duh.My fiend keeps getting the same number twice when he rolls two 20 sided dice simultaneously.Inspiring story, keep spreading the message, and inspiring people to do much more with what they have been given.Love this project !MARATHON TIMEI ENJOY THIS SERIES!Srinivasan malayalam latest movies.

The guy is funny as hell.They should seriously add chang'e to the orential fighters.I could listen to this shit all day someone put this on apple music.I don’t understand how anyone could dislike this unless they are jealous or mentally ill!They designed their tables for the time and were able to make what they did.Superb acting mate!I feel sorry for black.Thank you friendsYou are great man Very helpful video for students.

Diba, kapag ang baby ba, tanuning mo, sasagot sa’yo?An author is a good master.Loving the sliders in the workplace.How can I add the extra strip to it without worrying about the glue squeezing out through the seem?You clowns will never be able to escape to Greenland!Some said the coughing sound still haunting the hall until now.Sibapak sampe geleng2 kepala.

So why are calculators laid out wrong?C ai thi c vua trong trng ko.What if after 1.I somehow feel like the identity-sandpiles have a connection to the pascal triangle (with some modulo).I didn't think I'd hear Vermont in this.You are a pro I will try this birthday cake soon.Hi, Can you make video on how to setup VSCode to look exactly like yours?Women are obviously less intelligent if they have their own champion lol.There was missed potential when they called it the HE 111Z and not the HE 222.

ace Emerson

its so nice!! I love it!!! How can I get one of your beautiful creation? Ive searched everywhere and cant find one anywhere):

Ankit Bhattacharya

Hello friends I am Ankit Bhattacharya I have a chess puzzle for you all white-queen h3 2 bishops 1 bishop b1 and another bishop at b8 2 knights 1 knight at f1 and another knight at e8king a4 3 pawns 1 pawn on c3 1 pawn on e5 and other pawn on g5Black-1 knight d6 king f4 1 bishop h21 pawn g6 you are playing as white you have to do checkmate to black in the next 2 moves black has all three illegals left and it’s white turn choose the best move for white.

Tom Murphy

Nice project something I’d like to build myself with a few tweaks to suit my workflow

Felipe Olivares

satisfaction as fck

Amelia Phelps

The video of none taking off his ski mask has more views than people that live in my state.


very nice analysis, thanks.


I actually knew exactly what height you would be

Bobby Fischer

after white king moves, just put black king closer to the pawn, you idiot.

celestial galaxy

14:12Me finally realizing what it looks like to other peopleMy face: :o

Steven Seymour

Thanks John for your wonderful series on the fundamentals, I would like to ask if you could do a video of analyzing and planning a thought process for us mere mortals ?

Cathy Baldry

Yummo I picked up some great ideas that I can add to my rapporteur. Curious what about adding italian herbs?

alex Gourdine

sure it can be made, but you didn't bother to give us the specifications... you know like in, the numbers used to build it... ????????????Please add the name of the material being used, the length, width etc., as well as the exact specifications required in the cutting, filing, drilling.It would help greatly.

Colin Rees

Snow is snow good! I think he needs to learn to play chess before commentating on a match!! Its not news...its chess!!

Shyama Yeshodharan

Is there any difference in taste or texture between a baked cake and a cake made in pan??

d. kiovo

Very good video.Very enjoyable as always.Thx a million.Always interesting topics.They make 15 minutes seem short.


Where you bought those stones?

Doug Hoe

Hi , new subscriber, BIG like . Great information video , Peace


So nice! Seems a small depth rather can be

Hafizi Marwan

I'm lost 14:00


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