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Standard Chess Game # 1 Minority Attack & Principle of two weaknesses

Chess been trashing n calling him out for 5 years n once it gets locked in hes gonna get on every platform n trash shine n its gonna incinerate shine n to new fans go lookup shine vs ave verb etc to see what happens when u piss shine off b4 a battle.Thank you for the great editing for those of us with short attention.In the weather itself.You are an amazing designer.Such a small name!It's just as standard of a screw as anything else.

What a fantastic piece of music!

What a fantastic piece of music!

Isn't triple aces better than triple jacks ?Any help would be great.Que felicidad, todo el.Hexadecimal - not hexagesimal!I would love to have a CNC.Bisa gajah menyelamatkahkan padahal.Multiplying by dividing :the nr of cells in human body (other way, it's an alien) itibira  .Love your content Agadmator!What is the probability that you've never heard that one before?"Hello Everyone!

Great video, great work."Just start with a simple game, like tic-tak-toe".Ningal Oru achante vedhana onnu manusilakk Da Naayinte moneeeee.I find it creepy.I heard of some other game that was kinda like horseshoes.Wish this was my shed.Mitre joints is where the biscuit joiner shines, building things like beams when you don’t want butt joints and face frames aligning to cabinet installs.Yaseer - Sir, your analysis is really deep and you are the best coach.Finally found someone who makes concepts their base to teach!

I like your Basics series!

I like your Basics series!

Can anybody explain why that was a draw?Make more games.Billy turned the dial on his short wave radioHow he wanted to talk to the peopleHe wanted his own showTune in Moscow Tune in New YorkListen to the Welsh kid talk.29:48 she kinda bad tho.When someone needs two queens ( 1:07:32 ) AND forcing you to lose your queen this is a "legend"?I can't login on chesscube anymore.

Yes the cgi's

Yes the cgi's

It just looks like a barm cake lols.Panjang tp cara penyampaian ny gk berurutan sekedar masukan.3:29 e5 blck can eat horse (white) ?The Fibonacci curve was briefly mentioned,how about more on the Golden Mean ?Long live the king.Thank you,James!So much going on for that short, subtle time.I like your video and i wished i could make that but could you make more of them and sell them on Amazon.

LGD FiberOptix

how much cash do they play for


when magnus went bishop f1 and said boom, why is black rook f1 taking it not a good move?

Sundava Channel

kalo dari awal gajah putih makan kuda hitam langkah selanjutnya apa mas


Should be called Zerg Chess.


I like to think that every quiet Queen move she's standing behind the black King going "Shame! Shame! Shame!"


The quality of production and quality content are next level.Always worth the wait.Remember guys quality takes time.


you really have to stand on anything, havent you? i wouldn't let you do this to my speakers! great from a design standpoint. especially liked the diagonal baffle and the fitting port. i might steal that idea :D had to look away quite some time from a technical perspective though :P

Teodoro pedro Arzapalo Ochoa

Morsa porq suenas como Carlos villagran, no como Kiko,ojoo....

Superior Etchworx

That's a really nice mitre guage/crosscut fence, where did you get it?


This dude is not funny and beyond annoying.

Prince Pogi


Natalie Brown

I love the editing on this video! Good job!

Buzzolan Leo

watch at x 1.75 for a mindblowing experience

Ning Mao

One woman against an army

Malique Kem

He could of check mate you early

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