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Standard Chess Game # 2 : Mind-blowing Attack on the King with Black Pieces | Caro Kann Defense

This man is a blitz beast!Thanks i will try tomorrow.Ang gaganda at gwapo Nila.Thanks Steve, great video with an awesome idea.

Can’t stop rewatching this video one of my favorites from Try Guys.Love your video's man keep it up!I prepared three to four hours.It might haveheatedin 90 seconds and had lots of gas to mark a nice brand.13 coins before 5:25 during analogy.Thank you for sharing this very helpful lesson.

Beds are Burning.Then when Picard gets out of the nexus, its on the planet with the missile so he can save the lives of everyone in that system.He is a narcissistic megalomaniac with no honor and no integrity.He is hysterical!The blue resin looks great against the yelloworange wood.But then you could just machine it off i suppose.Thank you for illustrating this so perfectly.

My eyes are up here classic TOT.Hi Steve,I bought the same table saw and I'm in need of a cart.At 15:07 why doesn’tMagnus capture the rook with his queen?Increase of his own "vast knowledge" humble brag.Trump is going to destroy Biden in one of the most lopsided win in history.A6 instead of g6 stops this early.Waste of time nothing eals.9:07we're in the endgame now!

The kid in the background, my god!Gp a nn tc chm 1 t s d xem hn.I dont like the background music at all.The whites have stolen enough from India.This is a real ankle breaker.:Dn if he was Voldemort :O.I miss this time.

lala land

He missed a triple hit with rook queen bishop. Shame

Jessy Pittaway

Can you do a video on Sylvia Likens and The Toolbox Killers????

Yahia Orabi

2:15 so satisfying

Sonja Sieker

11:00 Friday comes before Thursday when Thursday is on the second week and Fridays on the first week.

BENJI Respect

Muy bien explicado si me suscribo ...!!! Y su like

Harish Maikhuri

g5 and then rxh7

Metatron Don

Because the moors spoke Latin

Abdulkadir sumara

Game is very good but your analysis wonderful

Christopher Savignon

I can remember every digit of 1/3 far beyond the 40,000th.

William Jones Chess Show

14:52 Candidates Prediction for Round 1Radjabov 0-1 CaruanaDing 1-0 HaoGiri 0.5-0.5 NepomGrischuk 1-0 Alekseenko

Dr. Buddybob Superfly Jones Vanderbilt III ESQ. X.

Does Calsen play in the Checkers tourneys too?

Girts Jermacans

I'm trying to take my game to the next level. Gonna give this theory a go. It seem like a great tool that helps you decide on some attacking patterns. Great lesson!

Gilad Maayani

ROOK B1!! ROOK B1!!!!!

cheesy spaghettiz

Things I hate about school:HomeworkTestsVscos

Zimba Zumba

He took the defeat very well.

barista kw

i love your work, .....

samidha kadam

at the point 28.59 instead oe Rae1 bh6 was mate

Jens - Digital Woodwork

Should try Fusion too! But first some house building and gardening works is on the list! Great round bent, time perfect spent :)

Sk Min

why don't youuse miter saw ? Isn't miter saw more comfortable than table saw when cutting 40 and 50 degrees?

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