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ThisdudewiththeglassesontheleftistryingtomakeoutthatBerniedidn'tconnectwiththeblackfolksinS C.This is good video of how you the Jumanji board game in great detail but could you please make another one of these and show all of us how to make it like you had.I just cried a river of tears.Would be cool if they make the boards available for custom nixie builders who want to use their own type of tubes!How much if u want to sell it.All my chess games are littered with the words inaccuracy.

And wtf why again?

And wtf why again?

Cuma pake takaran(cup).I think the correct phrase is "these table designs".How much did that wood cost?I hand carved one something like this (just one, for a repair in an old house) for a left hand turn out.Goodbye Square Off!That masterpiece deserves better than a butt joint!Concern is prominent in my brain.Black Re1 doesnt do the job since Rae1.

Sometimes it happens several times in succession.Always fun to watch your videos.The waiting line song for the EMS is ring of fire.What's inside a hand vacuum?He is well known around here, his family had connection with 2 different chapters (bikers) and threw wild parties thursday, fridays and Saturdays and at one point it was week after week after week.

Wish i would have seen this before i built my chess board!Just saw this video, amazing work, love that cutting board.Would this trick work with e4 as the first move?Bro water ballon bow ki unboxing video dalo bro.I wonder what made the dog bark.This is by far the most complicated game i have ever seen.I don't know that I'll find any better tutorials and insights into the players whose games you review, than right here at your channel!But I am not shure, he found it in the over the board situation.

This is very

This is very

And I interested not only in math but also in education system and science.The problem I see is that they continue to give the guys big bags when they are taking the money and coming with half ass performances.Thank you so much for your work.Its a fairly difficult SAT question maybe 5th hardest out of 58.Magnus: These are all bad.8:11 Triphopia warning.This is horrible!Using scrap wood to make tools to make scrap wood tools to make more scrap wood tools to make and everyone of them are professional grade.

Hey Agad,that's not

Hey Agad,that's not

If this is your best chess set I feel bad for you get a real set for around $200 with tournament regulations a nice 2in square wooden board with a 3.12:36 "I don't see what to do" take the bishop with your queen and then win back the queen with a fork by taking the other bishop with your knight.5:40 eric is more an entertainer than a chess player lmaoo.Has the next video related to this been released?Since this isa logic puzzle then the solution must be logical.Siguro pinagbigyan nlng.I was really young and living in Los Angeles, not San Diego, but had made.

Ahmad Zidane Sagareno


Dale Fluegel

This was nice.Thank you Magnus.

Bongo WillPlay

Can we castle if we have moved our king?


20:48 - 20:58 That theory is wrong since if you push b4 bishop simply captures it afterwards.

Saud Nephilim Ajmi

But the beauty of chess comes from the complications Capablanca say we should ignore:(

Agustin Ilarregui

This is amazing, I keep watching it over and over again. Thanks!

Oregon one


Wong Ndeso

Lagu yang pertama apa judulnya bg

ryan nunn

Love your content and authenticity, keep doin your thing, man.


New drinking game. Every time Jerry refers to a rook as a pawn, take a shot!

frank faulkner

Love it! keep the vids coming


Beautiful. Good job.


That pass pawn man... What a game!


23:47 is straight fire

Studio Kids

Geweldige klus!

Philip Hamilton



Whoof. Suddenly I feel old. :/

Mayur Acharya

Your commentary made my day!!


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