Chess kansas city

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St. Louis Wheel at Union Station opening today

Apple - for when you want to spend so much money for a drive bay only that costs as much as a whole DESIGNER PREMIUM CHASSIS.I think there would be plenty of grandmasters that would have stopped him.Oh, that's sweet!Biffa, I have looked at DDi intersections myself and have found if you made one with one side raised above the other to eliminate the intersections then it works dramatically different.I don’t know if what I wrote above makes more sense, but it makes more sense to me.

Ebony is an amazing and beautiful wood, especially for small turnings like chess pieces.Watch more Top 5 moves of the Greatest Players here!C2 line, you said Rd1 doesn't work because white can play Rff1, but black can play.The plural of knife is knives.Tom is trying to kill you so stop summing Tom stop going to Tom Tom will kill you and if he killed you.

Lol backflip fail.The end product is creepy AF.I am the one who hi like at 999 likes.So many machines and lots of perfection.I’d like to see Carlini try to make it in NYC.Holy fuck, that opening is pretty affective.

He said "whenever you get upset

He said "whenever you get upset

He has the perfect voice for this type of stuff deep and dark I hope when I take deep I get a booming deep voice.Good video but music and chess are not god only chess.When you have to check comments for bishop killing queen.Alright, enough of that.I’m taking algebra one how did I end up here.Matters how long you mean.

Who was the person that thought "That

Who was the person that thought "That

The Best guitar.Good commentary at pace I can follow with interest.NiceMandiri yanai pinnadi pokuma.I just solve it by halving the "B" term and writing (xB2)²-(B2)²C 0.Wouldnt black have a free pawn and the attack on the bishop with the queen if they trade knights at 15:34?He is handed a top hat from off screenyou see, anything is possible if you have a hat!His surname is Alekhin not Alakain.He could've won the bishop no?We were all wrong!


Awesome project and table look's great! Wonder if maybe the epoxy would have turned out better if you had poured the epoxy on in multiple layers, allowing for each layer to dry first before proceeding with the next layer?


I dont get it

Sheng Feliciano

"Everything's a toy if you play with it."

l i l h i n i n

,00000000000000000000009 volume and you can still hear him clear


The computer fall for this trap hahaha

Brad Junes

Really great --- much thanks

Chris Kacso

There's a skill i'm never gonna use.

Jane Tudhope

Give me the fear watching this guy he has no fear in him at all

Str Naga


S h a d o w ?

This is why moe sargi always do haunted Videos Becuz You know siri is a mistake dont listen to her ali she's trying to kill you.. becuz im worried about you guys ..


I watched this in grayscale

Dave Williams

Small and Simple to make...brilliant.Lovely job as always Neil, your videos really do lift the spirit. Keep up the good work my friend.

CMan W

How fast can an emergency concrete house be built?

marc albert

the double attack at 12 minutes isn't legal, you can't castle with the opposing rook there.


rip a hat in time's career

Vivek Soni

Thank you so much


Definitely not the 1988 version

1. Thou Shant Lewd Kaori

shes so pretty wow

Talking That Talk

Can you make money from a game that was reskinned?

Dario Balado

0:40 can someone explain to me why Bb6?


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