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STL TV LIVE: Bella Kalei and Lily Ibur Interview (2012)

Fox and Trump has no clue.Does somebody know the name of the set of pieces they used in this match?That's the Sky News reporter, Kay Burley.

Someone is manipulating RNG.That was like a boxer throwing an uppercut to the body and cracking a couple of ribs.This is just a class for kids?After seeing you mangle that nut I've decided that I have seen enough!So that comment was pretty funny.

4:55 Rook A2 - attacking bishopbishop A1 then Rook F2 and it's checkmate.I'm here from the future speaking to Old Tony from the past.The Best Thing About This Game Is That Teamwork Is Essential.I totally saw that too.Donde lo compraste?Yasser you are the best.Prove you're right.How if you lie for the betterBut go to hell to suffer.

Where can I find the live games?

Where can I find the live games?

Disregarding peoples critical thinking and logic without doing your own reserch on flat earth is completely ignorant.Is it just me or every time I download these games, they just disappoint me?I enjoyed your video.I don't need a longbow, but, I am a woodworker, so found this really interesting.Or am I an idiot and I am doing the math wrong.If you haven’t already how about showing how you made your dust extractor.I wondee what type of wood that is.It would’ve been better if the dominos was black then when it fall white.Extremely, extremely entertaining.Brilliant idea to give a profile of all the candidates.

I hate probability problems.I have a ways to go.Next century people: We are sorry we did not revere John Conway for the deity he was.Realy realy good work.Syangnya gak ada yg menggerakan pion seperti itu bro.Lol loving the video, would love to take your classes, best, www."First of all, it would destroy the piece then it would kick" back and destroy my face.

I am just getting

I am just getting

This is a great game.After that, just type in " node fileName.Does it run like a real engine with gasoline and ignition?B---h as for you.If this guy is a modern day x men then they'd think Roe Rogan was a Celestial or something.I tried making a few tools myself, they are not great looking but works well.Plus nature, climate, small villages often suffer under the production.

Which company chalk did you used bro.

Which company chalk did you used bro.

9:48 bishop g5 mate?This variation of the Scotch feels so unpromising for White.I swear that I can say it fast three times, I just can't write it fast three times.G6 followed by 2 Qxg6 or 2 Bxg6 then 2.Your videos are like a sleeping pill good night 3.Man, Jerry plays some GM-level bullet.CanI use charcoal instead of sticks ?Now you have 2 hoodie guys?There's a man who loves his tools!Also if you already know that your computer is 5 years or older, it may need to be replaced soon with all brand new parts, because even if you could solder and repair a few bad components, the computer is still going to be as slow as it was when it was brand new.

joe Lynch

PERPETUAL GEOMETRICAL ELECTRICITY MULTIPLIERS CAN POWER ALL THINGS. TESLA WAS RIGHT FREE AC ELECTRICITY MULTIPLICATION IS EASILY DONE USING PULLEYS =(wheels). This simple technology is even, FOUND IN THE BIBLE (Ezekiel 1:16), as the inner workings of a UFO motor. "a wheel in the middle of a wheel" or, a small wheel running around the inside of a large wheel. Or a small cog in the middle of a large cog, with two medium size cogs of the same tread in between the large outer cog and the small inner cog. Do you see why I chose to use pulleys belt/elastic/rope/or a piece of tied rope or string, instead of cogs with both size of cogs threads having to be meshed correctly. - This GEM-(free energy technology) is so simple that it should be obvious-(but it has been hidden by evil spirits). Just think of this small amount of logic,,, it only takes an input of a few sparks,(short bursts of current) to rotate a large 33 cm circumference pulley,(about 10 cm diameter) once, giving you 33 cm of moving belt. Then, if you run this length of belt past 1 to 3 mini-pulleys of 1 cm circumference, with AC or DC motors/generators attached, the this would give you an output of 33 or 99 cycles of AC or DC electricity. NOW TRY TELL ME YOU CANNOT FREELY MULTIPLY ELECTRICITY with pulleys, when you can gain 99 cycles of AC or DC electricity, from a few sparks,(short bursts) of DC current, which is the amount to rotate a DC motor with a large 33 cm circumference pulley once. - Don't you listen to these evil spirits, whispering that torque is a problem, as this is a blatant lie. This is because more torque occurs when you need to produce more power, and the only power that you need to produce, is the minute amount of current that it takes to crank over your single DC motor one single time. So you gain these 33 to 99 rotations=cycles of AC or DC electricity, from this 1 to 3 motors or generators, to generate the small amount of power that it takes to rotate a DC motor once, making this GEM device a self powered free energy system, These many rotations of these few motors or generators only need to generate a few short bursts of current, which equals practically nothing, when it comes to current. This is because practically no current multiplied by even massive voltage, still equals practically zero power costing practically zero torque. - I HAVE DISCOVERED THE SECRET THAT TESLA WANTED TO GET OUT TO OUR WORLD = THE SIMPLICITY OF FREE AC OR DC ELECTRICITY MULTIPLICATION USING PULLEYS . Where you gain the multiplication by only paying the energy to rotate the large otter wheel once, costing a few mere short bursts of electricity. 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And if you choose to use AC motors/generators, then you have to add a full wave bridge rectifier, (4 diodes) in between your AC generator(s) and DC drive motor - BECAUSE OF THE POWERFUL SPIRITUAL WARFARE GOING ON ALL AROUND US = How else can you explain us not using this simple GEM free energy technology long ago. This works because of the simple logic of how it does not take a greater amount of voltage to crank over a single DC motor with the large pulley once, than you can gain from the many rotations that you get from the many generators attached to the mini-pulleys. In other words, you can gain more power-(voltage) from the many rotations of the mini-pulley with AC or DC generators attached, than it takes to crank over one DC motor with a large pulley once. The free energy rule is, you can gain more power(voltage) from generators attached to mini-pulleys, than it takes to crank over the DC motor with a large pulley once. - It is as simple as the lesson that you learned way back in preschool, where they showed you how a single rotation of a larger pulley could be converted into many rotations of a smaller pulley. Well, this can be a significant thing, when talking about AC electricity, as more rotations can mean a greater amount of cycles of AC electricity. So, in effect, you can use pulleys to freely multiply the amount in cycles of AC DC electricity that you have. - THIS GEM TECHNOLOGY IS SIMPLE LOGIC, THAT EVIL FORCES ARE HIDING . This website - When I was first shown this free energy technology, it was in a vision of a 10 speed bicycle going uphill in 10th gear, the back downhill in 1st gear. 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Thomas Anton Geurts

Thanks so much to everyone for watching and leaving a comment over the past years! And to all new viewers :) I thought i'd mention it again that my method of clamping the piece down like i did was not the safest, and you might want to use/make a donut chuck, for these kind of projects, or glue a waste block to the bottom and attach that to the lathe.

N Praveen Chandhar

Similar to the Morphy game that you showed, this game too is like rook odds. Same line , rook odds. Strange ?

Amethyst Jin

This is a Gen Z's biggest nightmare: explaining social media and its appeal to an old/inexperienced person.


History behind this game was so much more interesting than the game itself! I was sad to see that the original building doesn't exist anymore. The new hotel looks cool,but we can never see where the game was actually played

Valeria Santa

I think the last "that's a lie"... was A lie

Marco Carator

last move of alekhine defence is no good.white can simply capture the black queen and then the black king cannot castle.

Fotie M. Constant

Thanks dude, before watching your video i was overwhelmed about the idea of learning a new framework. Spent days and nights searching which framework is best to learn and more rewarding like you said in the video, even went up to trying a couple of frameworks and found out that i still need to better-off my level in JavaScript. However i duly believe it's important for a Front-End developer to learn and master at least a framework, which was the main reason that pushed me to start learning one but i guess i was in a rush and i have to calm down and continue with JavaScript before any other thing.thanks again for this video man.

Demetri Sharrow

As impressive the MMX is I miss the mechanical noise of the old Marble machine...

Kevin Chud

In my area, Lowes has an in-house saw for cutting sheets, Menards does not cut but has pickup trucks right outside you can rent for $20 and to my knowledge Home Depot has neither.

Coffin Man

Have you seen this "Mode directory":supposed to be the best thing for gospel improvisation, any mood you want, apparently.If you know some scales.

Megha Mehta


trisha hughes

Thanks for this I have 10 days to learn before my Grandson comes to visit so at least I will have a clue.Pat

Isaak Garcia

I’m so scared for you hope your okay good luck

Ivy Kalina

Is it just me or is Jonathan really hot?!

Tom Sawyer

Very nice

Balaji DV

Time dilation and multi dimensions of space gurinchi video Chey bro.

Koen Th

I paused the video, first eliminated all s numbers and reduced the 5 remaining equations to the equation 3125 c5 8404=1024 c0. Considering that mod 1024, I noticed that the remainders 53 and 212 differ by a factor 4, this led me to the solution c0=c5=-4. Adding 3125 to c0 and 1024 to c1 led to the following solution c0=3121, c1=2496, c2=1996, c3=1596, c4=1276, c5=1020 (luckily divisible by 5).

Jabi Jabi



Very good video. But this is no crush!?

Patricia Doyle

Long live Paul Morphy! Thanks for the commentary!

Nick Porter

Hell ya Mike this one was sick! But man the bathroom in your place is next level!!


What ifnd3 at 4:11 threatning e2 to win back the queen?

Juan Vasquez

Where can I get one like this ?

Alberto R

Bro u crazy lol

Andrei Ilinca

indians are all losers.. because they are unable to speak


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