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Stockfish vs. Hiarcs on iPad (Games)

FOLLOW ME ON IG AT www.Dobrze kurwa aaaaaaaaaa!You had 2 chances to be up a queen and you chose to lose.I highly recommend you to watch!

I thought you did great work there - Keep up the good vid's.What next, personal and "emotionally engaging" storylines for each piece?To the authors of many ugly comments.That's just uncanny.Of all the characters that got killed Hedwig s upset me the most.

Anh i anh chi c

Anh i anh chi c

You didnt ask where London was, Mato lol.4:26what if white plays Nd4 most variations are crushing black.Wish I was half as good as him.I googled it and now my standard wages are One hundred dollars.Sir please calculus aur coordinate geometry pe aur problems baanaae.The words offered to us we Bharatvanshi of Bharatvarsha.I like the videos, even if I don't understand all aspects of the long term strategies.Makes me chuckle, it's a good thing.

I comment because I care.If you can reply, thank you very much!Pretty sick when you can suffocate and restrict the best White E4 player in the world in such manner.Best liquid for hardening is seawater.You accidentally mixed up that one part.20:55 All hell will break loose :(.Its kinda fitting.As people they have no worth.Just as Conan predicted, "In the Year 2000, the Beastie Boys will inevitably go through beastie puberty to finally become BEASTIE MEN.Keep up the good work Agadmator!

FRoM LoNdon wIV LoVe.

FRoM LoNdon wIV LoVe.

I've tried this before and it is terrible.Am I missing something there?Yes, white has a dominant position, but it is not obvious to me how this win would be executed, I don't think it's completely winning just yet.I'd probably just get distracted and cut my fingers off accidentally.Guy is im south African chess champion!Video is just the right length, neither too short not too long, and does not omit small but crucial details that make a difference between beginner and pro.Can anyone tell?

Darkness ShadowZone

I heard a little witch laugh at 13:57 - 14:01

topcat 1771

Chris Salamone Great Informative videoNiceone mate

Firebreathing Feline

This is the most beautiful piece of music I've ever heard. I hope to learn it on my erhu someday

ImATree BelieveMe

I'm pretty new to chess and I have a question:Why, when black declines Queen's Gambit, is Bg5 a good move? can't black just threaten the bishop with h6 and force it to move twice or trade unfavourably for a Knight? I am confused about this, it would be neat if anyone who knows it could clear it up for me

Alex Bakle

Superposition of states. Quantum mechanics summarised in one infinite series!

Donald Smith

Great video love those jigs now have much to do, thanks.


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