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Street Talkin'

Take away two sticks, hey, three squares.Fabi looks so much into it.That looks like a guitar satan would play.Yet I still try and use print the terminal to this day.Dude's got some pipes!Mam plz reply fast I have to make it today only.You must have been pretty glad to cut the last piece.

How do you spell kasparov ?It’s a cold let’s stop freaking everyone out.In chess position is power, material is just its name sake.I knew enough to understand what they were saying, but would have missed so much if not for their analysis.Tf is grimstoke doing in ml?I play 0 US championships and won all of them :P.L hear king' s gambit series, l subscibe.

He and I love watching your puzzle videos.

He and I love watching your puzzle videos.

Depending on the aspect ratio, there are overlaps andor gaps in the texture.He was ruthless from a much younger age.Thy dy c vua ko.I think somebody hasn't met many soldiers.Dont stop when cuttting.

Hope the person

Hope the person

Also, timed lights could be set up much better.It seemed to originate with German commentators.Thank you,I saw that in a meme.Peter the 'Douche of Chess' is a narcissist.They see it, you see it.

Yes, the same man who divided

Yes, the same man who divided

In twenty years time there will be lectures on this channel from GM kenwest.Im not expert in chess but I want to say that I will not comment because as I have said I am not an expert in chess.Loved this vid share.It is full time job to do it and people just don't have time or "juice" (charisma) for it, or not eager to do so!The attention to every detail no matter how small is outstanding.Is it me or there is some alphazero inspiration here?3:30 Man, I know what you were trying yo say, but you made a mistake.I dont need more screens to break.

Jack Woods

Good instruction, but, does "3.f3, '...takes him out of any opening knowledge he may have...." really? To me3.f3 it looks like a Samisch. In any case, i would fully expect that as a possible move by a high-level player.

mokhtar rrudin

i send videos will you gift me skin??

Cui Enhui

So good

Dallas Waaka

i dont know why i watched this dont understand a thing about chess

Seema Agrawal

Show anand games

Kaifher Pap

I actually love the orange stick finger is holding a stick and Fast crafting

Nam Ngyn

yeah boi

Tom Wild

great work and passion !

Orange Betsy

This stuff? Why a 5 year old child could understand it. Someone run out and get me a 5 year old child i cant make heads or tails of it.

Joya Dass

In 8:19 the boy can take her queen with his pawn!

Moumita Dutta

You are ignoring the fact that the area is decreasing.....


The portal pieces move like kings. One can only control their own coloured portal. I fail to see how the black portal can stop the checkmate.

Squash Addict

Is there a reason why McConville01 didn't take the hanging c2 pawn at 47:17?

Thiago Milanezi

Puzzle:Qh5, Kd8Ba5!

Richard Lopez

this is the first work ive seen from you and i must say , its awesome

jay nuon


failOne AlX

Where can I download this?

mido 4499

useful fashkh

Noah Ehnle

Yo Jimmy what kind of string are you using?

janille go

na iyakako dito

jiale lim

did he just missed a pawn fork in 23:30 or i miss calculated,he also missedbishop fork on 2:36:59

Ashley Hatton

scronked? Just got a brand new word for my vukobulery!

Janice Nair

That anime theme

Chocolate Enthusiast42

Please, make math about hexaflexagons

indio decimo

Congratulations, thanks for the video.

Tyler Roth

Gawain looks kinda like Eric Rosen in that picture.

Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ

Let's try to use real science here, so many assumptions and speculations.


Shakeer Musthafa

. .. ...


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