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Strong AI: SAI vs. Human - Go match

Very educational to watch.The knight checkmate stands out like a sore thumb in 10 seconds.I wouldn't mind this man to build my furniture perfection in motion, and what ever the cost it would be worth the end product well done sir Merry Christmas from England.

Next thing Alpa will exchange and sac will be humans.12:38 Qe5 and black should be doing alright?Thanks for the close up of the pour.I hate them all.The clock was down to ten seconds and then made its way back :21 by the end?Good the see the boys are still maintaining the equipment.That's first girl I feel bad nobody ever pulled next me and say that.Username: TheAnalyst7.

My name is carlsen

My name is carlsen

I always click dislike button on these kind of videos.In 36:17 there is checkmate in 2 for white.I appreciate all the reasoning on why you make the moves you make, but where can I find a video where people just move there pieces and there's no talking?Its also known here in Germany.Glad to see Medo appearing at 4.The tip I always shareuse, is don't show everybody and there dog everything about what you do for work, that way you have job security, and the market is not flooded with a million people who will do your job for half the money, but only know half of what they should to do it correctly.Thanks so much for the help and thanks for sharing.

The way Eugene looked at Keith when he said wow that’s so hot.Thank you Eric Rosen sir, your topics are so handy, useful in daily online plays.He may have calculated all his variations till the last at that rook stage itself.Eventually it is the winning hand.Surround yourself with 5 great authors.

Beast collab ASAP.

Beast collab ASAP.

Ben Finegold is a good guy.Ethna move panuna.What's sad is that nobody contacted police after he uploaded the photo.What’s the difference between a taper and a champher.Computer of course.Jayblac1615I Feel Like Twork Was Fire But The Crowd Wasn’t Messing Him Cause You Can Read Geechi And Rum Lips Why Twork Rapping And They Saying CRAZZZZY, FIREEEEE.

Why do I hear league of

Why do I hear league of

How did we get height of 2?Playing tactical is difficult when you cant see far into the game.How much would you sell something like that for?36:45 Hasn't he heard of the old upside-down rook replacement?What happened at 8:15?I thought this was going to be a bullet chess tournament.Imagine if we had advanced technology that we could hear other top players thoughts on the game, during the game, in tournaments.Lemme save you some time the answer to the title is yes.My kilala dn ako na ngpakasal mgpinsan cla pro nong ngkaanak cla normal nmn ang mga anak nla ngaun my mga sriling pamilya nrn cla.Losing this bad for red doesnt look good if hes campaigning for COTY for 2020.

Hi, Antonio can you please make a video

Hi, Antonio can you please make a video

So subtle how you beat lower and similar rated players.What software does this guy use?You have abillion dollars mind.Nakakaawa yung mama nyaNakakaiyak.Ifhe doesn't hit the like button then he's gone.


19:45 Rb1 inevitable mate.

Usssa Usssa

It was over after Gotti said HE STILL STEALING, I was like damn then John John gone do this , NIGGA YOUZA BITCH!!!

Chuck's Astrophotography

No way, this game had to be fixed - he spent way too much time thinking about that move and then didn't mate?No way.


I'm right into fitness.Fitness entire cake into my piehole.

mahnoor begum

No oven, eggless receipes are all very helpful in preparing the cakes.

Steven Nicoson

Mike, why not use the same rabbet set-up for all 4 sides?This way wouldn't you already have the correct width, no need to sneek up on it?

Clay Parker

Has anyone used the ACS to work with 2 inch thick hardwood. I'm curious how powerful that Kreg saw is

the German 3D Printing Nerd

Looks absolute cool Joel

Juan Garcia

Stop saying his name. You're possessed, Moe. Sargi. You need to listen to your friends and stop arguing. It's like you lost control of your own self well-being. You don't know who you are right now. Leave the mirror alone. Just leave it in the house and go.


Im assuming the audiance gets paid to sit through the whole thing


thanks for this well explained opening


I don’t know, looks like a wheel to me :p

Random Person

Bury it on the beach, someone's bound to find it.

Damian Capparelli

Could someone write for me what was he talking about at 37:43 ? I dont understand cause my poor english

The Nomads of Radio Juliano

Fiona Steil next please :)

Vighnesh Raut

Maths is not about practice.. By practice, you develop a habit which without regular practice, you may forget how it worked in the first place.

William Maxwell

This Bishop is Not the greatest of pieces but it actually is -Agadmator 2018

Michael Greene

Did anyone else desperately want to push that headset cord behind his ear the entire time?



rhythm c

finegold is so funny!


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