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SUB) 탕종 우유식빵 만들기. Tangzhong milk bread 탕종만들기 [우미스베이킹:그녀의베이킹]

Anyone notice the chick on the bench.I enjoyed your video.Thanks a lot dude.Those are fencing pliers, usually used for bobwire fencing.And thank you for this video!

Keep up the quality as it

Keep up the quality as it

"I can't do UI to save my life".I know the board is a DGT, but the pieces are NICE.You can feel the pain just by looking at their facial expression.Lowkey cheating.You created a vertex.Great video thx for uploading.The words offered to us we Bharatvanshi of Bharatvarsha.Qf8 will be a mate.I never see you do that and it works very well on my maps.So many interestings things.

That’s why there’s electric pianos now.Likewise, a woman can have a mole right on her face, etc, and still be stunningly beautiful.How this rule calculate material?They are only on here for the numbers and subs.Then I drove them around in my car for a few days.

Linus video and a

Linus video and a

If you don’t have any friends.Makes it sound like he’s never heard of it before.6:06 If it fell over would it be a short circuit?The idea about forming a wider piece and then sawing it in half was the best as you would have two identical bent boards.To set the board up right the drawers will open to the side andnot in front of each player.I have a barn full of ruff antiquefurniture, im going to try some of that auentico paint my first time trying it out.

Murali is my friend’s

Murali is my friend’s

Very talented and gifted thanks for the video!I found myself watching this vid over and over.Hanggang mmk ng smula sah pagaaway.It was still too fast for me.Is this an asymptote?Does that count.What's that dark black spot on the white part of your eye.Neo vs morpheus.I fell asleep and then woke up to this.

0:10 hE mUsT bE sPeAkInG sMaRt

0:10 hE mUsT bE sPeAkInG sMaRt

Cool stuff, very inspirational!"Botez counter gambit.You are appreciated gentlemen.Haunted chess board.Are you with your self coking some food ?

Oissev Onos

suggestionZhenevsky-Lasker, Moscow 1925, promised positional queen sacrifice game, please.

ernst haft

strong newcomer earned his respect


Why is this on my recommendations

Cong Nguyen

48 hundred flat earther


did you get a new computer?the footage looks smoother

Kevin Park


Just Me

Having bought your board separate, you bought too large of a board for your pieces assuming you had the pieces 1st.

Phillip Teng

e5 is losing for white! It gives black lots of initiatives to open up the center while his king is castled away. Meanwhile white's king is trapped in the middle.

Yaser Nagib

Cesar Bueno

Ia me esquecendo.E o Fabinho mais 10 anos pr jogar frente ao Sullivan.


I don't think I've ever heard another person use the full word condominium before :D


Ron Graham-signed brown paper in the back : )

Harrison Fearnow

That is so cool I love wwll

James Tennimon

Amazing! so. much. copper!

Tony Flores

Do those casters lock?


i would like to play like this...

InsaneGaming YT

13:05 you can actually get the queen via h2 then if black plays Nf6 thr you play b3

Jessica Fischer




1.Qxf6 pawnxf6 2.Knighte7And black lost all major piece

Dorian Tallbody

Grimy items, man. Be a great role model and please wear gloves.

Arman Isayan

Fantastic clear presentation man. Thank you for your explanations

Mario Mixels fan 2011

The video has been on my recommendations for a long time.

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