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Have to make a table saw sled first!So many blunders from both sides.Vallatha unni alle.Thanks for the interesting video!Hedwig is watching you.Shes up 6 games to 1 on me but tonight vengeance is mine.Is this possible ?And they say there is rating inflation on chess sites?

Log("worldMouse Pos"Utils.Amazing work: do you sell them?1 scout which operates by AI.Move 24 is another example, first carlsen played a bad move and then opponent didnt play g5, even this is a complicated, evaluated changing line.The thing I like about agadmator's Chess Channel is that he pronounces the names of Asians (especially Indian ) players rightly, unlike those western Europeans and American commentatorsAnd yes it really matters if someone pronounces your name correctly.

I never thought of it, or analysed recognised it in that 'simple' way til I watched this video.Are these for free?Clash of Clans Sponsored utoday.Why were they laughing 1:28 ?And the rods is also not cheap.Do u have a tutorial or some links that you can help with.Makes you wonder if machines will eventually bust all Openings, starting with gambits and working their stodgy and sterile way thru - until Black won’t even bother to play anymore since White with the initial moves will be figured to win in all possible games!Muje to kuchvi samaj nahi aya lakin agar India ke bath ho mai jarur dekhunga.The game was wired and monitored for crying out loud.I had seen all the 15 videos and all the videos are marvelous,i had seen that you people did not compromise in explaining the concepts keenly and you also stick to the basic levels which is necessary to understand pncand i assure you that any beginner can understand pnc concepts after watching your videos THANKS A LOT FOR MAKING THESE VIDEOS.

Why not play 4 man chess tho?Yourworried about your electricbill.I think this would be bestto limit to 2 or 3 times a week.Got diabetes and heart disease watching this video.Where is NylonX?

Jack Oliver

6:24 LOL


WoW, Awesome

Matt Long

jimmy another great great one I've commented now a coupla times as a big fan mostly to aid in the lube ing of your ass ( I mentioned I'm a fan ) I 'm a wood worker and only some time other media artist and I really enjoy the way you deliver your content w/o comment but on this one because I enjoyed it so much I'm begging for some comment am hoping other fans will join me in this request

Marco Hernandez

What are the next moves if 1. e4 b6 2. Bc4 Bb7 3.d3. I need your help. Thanks )


Knife f5 raaaaahhhhrrr attack!! - obvious


Can we use VOLTMETER ?

Samantha Buniel


Hani Ismael

Are you playing in the tournament today?No.Good job, you’re not blundering, you’re the best.


Very very very nice


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