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Surfing 101: A Virtual Reality Experience (360 Video)

Jan talks a lot and almost nothing about actualy what is going on on the boards what is a bit strange for a GM."Torches" don't need batteries.By not spacing the trees you cover two sides of your tree and lower the spawning probability.Thanks Mr Wrench.(Crickets) Sorry Chris I still love ya.If so, how much." Can't anyone wrestle that bishop pair out of him?Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

 The copper in phone cords is so

 The copper in phone cords is so

Of the last table the sandpaper that happens to him what measure is and after that sandpaper that made him thanks for the help.AIN'T NO WAYYY !My boy is wicked smaht.Was a surprise to see was not snape.Thank you for allowing this glimpse of the skill,attention to detail, and fine craftsmanship.The entire process is made better yet by your Craftsmanship, attention to detail, and perseverance to make every part fit just right.If white captures with the pawn, then the black Queen can capture the White Queen on C2 as it's unprotected.Carlsen has a sense of humor.Fantastic video!Hahaha talo na Sana Yung Bata medyo mgulang nka tatlong tira xa Yung klaban isang tira lng.

It would be great help.

It would be great help.

Anybody missed "Now we have completely different game"?Just take Qxb2 and white is pretty much lost.If these are worth your first born, why is that?Jan is so lovely.03:40 and so on its amazing how they have no idea what is going on at the board :) omg :) and they notice it way too move later (probably someone else tells'ed that the pawn wasn't for free 04:38).The most is 50$ a game but 5$ is average.Hi, thank you for this recipe !Necessity is the mother of invention - imagination never hurts either.The 2 kids that watch oversimplified: THERE’S A TAX FOR THAT.Karjakin shows his knowledge very well.

It's true that people who have worked very hard in life generally have a much better life than those that have not, but that is NOT the country that I want to live in.Excellent commentary as usual.I can not understand beacause i am stupid and also i am not good at english.OnTriggerEnter2D (UnityEngine.At 24:17, short missed his chance to win with rxe3 fxe3 qxe3 check and after kf1 or kh1 black plays qf3 check followed by re2 and white cant stop qg2 mate without giving up his queen.Meanwhile I'm stuck at 1200 rating so strees.Very often, Black will develop that Bishop to c5, staying on that diagonal and the Queen will come to the Kingside.If you dont want to pay for games go play mobile games if you can offord one.I mean distracting.

Nice shop, good work.This guy has higher leatherworking than my Rogue.OK, so my daughter wants me to build her a hall tree and a couple of benches and a TV stand for her bedroom.I was just thinking where is agad today.By gi thi i 5g th khng bik chng cc cao th mt th.Greetings from Italy.My concern is that they only provide a 6-month warranty, which is barely enough time for even breaking it in.Here I am again,I can watch these over and over.

Hollywood made version with Richard Burton referenced Alexander as Phillips Illirianspear which is present day Albania.If the new guys did buy up the old place'sequipment, it's an even bigger waste.This is providing me new great information.Then I think i can make any 2D game now.Shaun just listing off things to set on the edge made my day, no idea why, but it was great.OLS got me through some heartbreak lmaooo.Lagu yang pertama apa judulnya bg.Toi thay videocua ban hay day.Ahhh pink house pink house.

Always wanted to know more.The dog is really going for it.It looked like it really hurt a lot.This is a really nice video.Didn't think I would like the green but I was wrong, it along with the others are beautiful!You look like Wall-E.Yeah it is called Stockfish.I'm fascinated by the dog on the background.Lol, thanks a lot man, you rocks!The Allegory is thank you 4 this interview.

Zealot One R

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Reine Eira

He’s a man of focus, commitment and sheer fucking will


Are you the Wolverine?

Edward Trooper

like why has no one made OST of this game yet?!


tal and the best chess player ever /bobby fischer ??its realycant go wrong !!! thanks for share

Nicholas Kellam

Looks awesome my man!

David Adkins

Ok enough of the stupid game ! Probably won’t watch another of your documentaries.ok I’m bored! Terrible narration.

JD Brown

Your videos are awesome but I cant download them so I can study them further why is that

Dave Case

Why no safety devices on your table saw?

My Something Random

Good luck with the frame in the cutting board. The wood is going to swell and might risk popping the joints


such a nice way to waste money, good job.


Wonderful lecture!I used it with profit.However, e6 is one of the most common moves I encounter in real play, in both these forms:1. e4 c52.Nc3 e61.e4 c52.Nc3 Nc63.Bb5 e6A deep analysis of both lines would be interesting!Thank you very much for your work.


Black's still going to lose and that is the same thing as getting checkmated...

First off all i want to thank you very much for your useful course , but I have some problems when I execute the steps you had explain ,can i contact you for solving this problems?

Ran-Dumb Boi

Forking the king and QueenForking the two knightsIf you watch captain sparklez then you’ll get it


lol ur dog at 1:20

stu gibson

Just love watching this guy.

Reaching Higher

It really isn’t necessary to talk during these videos. The woodworking is great but you have the voice of a monotone college lecturer and it put me to sleep in 30 seconds flat.


I don't like vase mode since the products are so flimsy fragile and non-transportable without care.Thus what I want is a I multi wall vase mode.I think this may be possible like so:The ramp just needs to be distributed on the last inner outline, then the last outer outline then the last inner and so forth. The center outlines do not raise z height.

Kasey Marriott

formthe first indont knownwhat the sound of walking through snow isit doesnt snow where i live


1700 beating 2500 ....oh man

I love this channel. But honestly, marker on cardboard makes my ears bleed.


Old time carpentry. Excellent my friend !Good work.You’ve got a new Subscriber.

Jiya shaikh

Kaaal too ye banau gii

Darryl Buckett

Great video, the only problem is the gap between the end of one video and the start of the next. Cheers mate.

Boris Petrov

What are statistics?Two computers play chess which one usually wins?


8:10 Whats wrong with that? Now black has 3 connected passed pawns.

Joseph Holmberg

Beautiful cutting board


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