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Sweet but Psycho

I saw this hot garbage mess in the theater, twice!In spanish "POCA MADRE!7:27 min queen G7 check mate.The king is dead.

"How am I going to achieve my goals.Thanks for sharing.You have emmence patience.Very well thought out.My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions and loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius.YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!Adhiban got Adhipawned.You'll need a small sledge,big pry bar, claw hammer and a small pry bar.

Artsmanship in the best form.

Artsmanship in the best form.

Maybe edit out all the into jibber jab bullsh next time yeah?This game was one of the first games I memorized, and it's a truly great monument to Anderssen's genius and dashing style.At 18:24 after black rook to a1.I have the hermione wand.Possibly one of the best tacticians who ever lived.Or just postpone the inevitable?I can't believe how nice this turned out.I didn't know there was any sort of format war as that was just before my time.Together, we'll do extraordinary things.

Its still a great diorama.

Its still a great diorama.

S Agadmator compiling the photos of all of his subscribers under the pretense of promoting chess.After the layering, buffing, sanding, and final coat of spray on oil based poly.I've been watching for hours now.1 channel in Croatia forever!"let's find out how many games of chess are there"Thumbnail.Heard its hard but fuck it.The black knight moves to f4 with check, putting pressure on the free pawn and the whiteking has to move to h7 to avoid checkmate.Meanwhile, me:.I think she had blonde hair at some point and was still an active player 2 years ago.

Actually I my maths teacher told

Actually I my maths teacher told

He is a very talented player and his IQ allows him to play very strategically.1:50 rook pawns and h-pawns.It was at this moment Woody understood why they call the stuff dope.Go Carlsen but stay :).Understandable, we were just little lads.I played this once.Like my friend 1010.How 'bout a moreaccurate answer, I also accept phi.

Some say blunder, I say genius move.I don't fully get the Qxb8 move at 34:05.It is very very very much good.:Ke8 is still a draw.Thanks for sharing.Which was yesterday, November 23!Such a beautiful and useful video!It was usually presented by Jeremy James and William Hartston, and featured Grandmasters such as Nigel Short, Viktor Korchnoi, Robert Byrne, Vlastimil Hort and many others.

d e n s i n

it must be burned, I think would be good to burn )


hanging the rook on move 2 was the most accurate part of the eric impression tbh

Lo Aleen

22:43 "DUDE!" makes me so happy... he's so excited in such a pure way


skip the last 2 minutes to avoid yet more adverts

Taha El Ghaou

The video title should've been "an orgy of circles" for maximum romanticization.

Scott Warren

MindYourDecisionsIn the end of day 4 u can take away the "at least" for Alice, she knows he saw exactly 8 trees.The same with day 5, take away "at least" for Alice, she knows he saw exactly 8 trees.By the way, you have to reformulate the question So ppl can't just say: Yes (There are 18 or need 20 trees).U shud somehow make sure thats it is expressed that both alice and bob KNOW that a logician asks BOTH of them and WHAT the logician asks themAlso:in my opinion u shud let us know that Alice And bob will always knows that the other gets the question it on the same day as the other,and also that they answer it on the same day as the other.I may have expressed this wrong, but i hope u get my point.


I just learnt about this channel and you guys earned a subscriber!

Asuna Tsuna

So I have to whisk first the white egg, when the bubble is thick so then add the sugar ? Ahahaha that's why it didn't look like meringue when i did it

Bil Bonanno

Great instructional video, thanks! Please note, the repetitive, looping background music is distracting and annoying.

Randy John

Pawn e6 at the end :)

Siegfried Braun

Brother be needin' a bafroom.

DTD MStudio'S

My ng chi kinh tht :)

Wilfred Mache

Eine zauberhafte Musik! Eine wunderbare Musikerin. Bravo nach Island...


Hi. I dont have the money for a Intel Edison... a raspberry pi 2 or 3 will work??? Thanks

Bob Blarney

Chris Mr Chickadee should get together for chat some day.

0 subs with no videos

3:10 she looked behind her!

Rando Random

Now for the tricky part!Friends.


just about lost my mind when i figured out it was a chess piece, that's crazy


I'm one of these people. It's 2020 and I did not know the trick, thanks.


Wouldn't it make sense (and be safer) to cut the big chunks out and get the general shape with saws, before you start turning?

Ron Benoit

Very nice! New to woodworking.

Jonathan Larsen

Her voice makes me think of a character from a show or movie. I can't think of who or what though...


I've come across a problem when i tried 4 times to make a a Center Line Finder. The pencil does not align with the dowels, even though all 3 holes are aligned.


lol that was hilarious. Very sad... king.... / it isn't over till the skinny lady sings lol


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