Chess kansas city

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Swiss Sys Feb 7 2012

Thanks for sharing a beautiful dessert.Qxb3 attacking Knight and Rook and to protect both white maybe should play 3.Would have taken you half the time.It is a piece of beautiful artwork.

At 4:22 Knight to F7 was fork to 2 rooks.I'm no German, but today I saw Ben saying things about German's.Anyone else here because of the worlds fastest game video.Would have drawn the game.Sir want to learn chess.Instructions were unclear I built a car.

Why did he resign?Nakakahiya pala magulang nya, makikitid ang pag iisip.Excellent work, your videos are a real inspiration, Thank you from the UK.Hypotenusen, apparently.Only thing I am unsure of it when you said "to find how to find what sharps are in E then we must start at F" (wich is at the 11 oclock position).Anything you shoot taller than your stop will have tear out.Does anyone here play Hnefatafl?What happened to the Cubs hat?The fuck can ppl dislike this video?48:51 now end of video: 0:53:45.

Now we see why he didn’t.

Now we see why he didn’t.

Donald Trump speaks the truth, you're thinking of CNN Ben.Can you make a video about how to make one?How we have to make crums.Hotels, motels, passenger ships, etc could also be used as isolation centers.Nguyn Anh Nguen.Instead of oil can I use butter with salt or without salted in convection mode what centidegree how much time it should be baked.2:18,Eric Hansen ?We are soon going to see many strange creatures mysterious mechanisms coming up from under the earth, under the seas even down from space.Thanks a lot Paul.Magnus I wish I could play one game with your brain.


5:31:22 When you win a level in Peggle

Chintan Shaparia

black could easily defend the checkmate threat by playing g6 or h6, trying to escape the king , in the last example

Binyameen Panali

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I trust you Steve. I just bought an impact driver.:)

Jinu Thomas

2019 December 22 watching like here

John Grey

9:11 Agadmator says, " you capture the pawn.. " as he captures the knight with the rook. LOL

Abdelkader bensebgag

thanks to you keep going , Great Video 


You sound like Daidus


I thought y coordinate was vertical?


why do i see gold underground in minecraft then?!?!?


Your videos are the most amazing videos I've seen on chess. Thanx for the effort.


we are close to the end of times.....what a piece of shit

Pingo Penguin

play the moves that come to your mind first..if it works fine, it not then try time burning :P

chemay 2227

Howcast .. how to record if a pawn capture a pawn??? Pls reply

Ronald Landa

Very nice job. Great information on the build. Thank you for all your videos.


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