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Your videos are amazing when I watch it at 1.I think i'll just wait for the "learn JS in ONE minute".He comes back seemingly unfazed and just destroys everyone like he normally does and wins another high class supergrandmaster tournament as though it's standard operating procedure.Instant Karma for the audience:D.I love woodworking and want to do it when I retire but I'm an absolute novice.B ci bn ca ng i, nguyn cho ngi ta xem, ni nhiu qu.The role of demons in relation to the human world remains ambivalent and largely depends on context.But unfortunately you were one month late, part of my thumb is unfortunately not able to see this great video today, haha.

I searched "I hate it when Voldemort hides

I searched "I hate it when Voldemort hides

The Best method to learn something and fall asleep.I congratulate for the video, forgive the question, that Which program is using for the cnc?No views 9 comments can't see any you high ytFirst btw i don't see any other views.How are you Mato,.It really is, believe me.

We couldn’t have done it without you.Yifan hou is the only chess player i dont like.I love the peculiar combination of old and modern tools in your workshop.I would be happy with that pattern painted on, but hey if you are going to go, go all the way.Plzzz bless moe.Show the board not players.While I prefer having a logical solution instead of manual, you're right as at this point themost important thing is not the logic itself, because everyone has his own way of thinking and making algorithms but the best thing is how you show the way to write clearshort code and use of comments.She was born in Jackson's Arm, Newfoundland.Hikaru losing by an IM was a glitch in the matrix so much so it froze Eric Rosen at the end in disbelief.

I remember when I first saw this game, I played over Alekhine's knight f4 move several times, trying to understand the concept behind it without looking at the moves and still didn't see Qc4!And only because he was homosexual(Leo da Vinci was,Miguel Angelo too)In the end the only solution that left is by commiting suicide.Haven't been here for very long, but I'm looking forward to a 1,00 more!What is the board she uses called and where do I get one?I see it as a prophylactic move.That was extremely exciting.Let the extruder piss the filament down approx.This piece is awesome!Sad normal paper can only fold about 7 times.

Joshua Yates

If a film was ever made about Magnus Matt damon would play him

Suraj Rawat

MaN I am frOm INDIAAnd ur videos make me fall in love with chess more and moreLove u SureN

Anthony Higgins

2 ads in a row WTF


13:54 "Hi I'm the Black King. You might be wondering how I found myself here, on a3. Well, let me take you all the way back to the beginning...on g8."

Wheele Fal

Am I the only one that skips explains the food?

b. s.

Thanks john barthilnontopilopilous, kinda weird not seeing the perfect hand-wave into intro

Larry Martin

chineses? lol hopefully ur not german or chinese because after that you just lost all credibility for your comment

Guz Man

That was a very speculative rook sacrifice

Sean Doc

haha absolute beast!

rey bongganay

TatloLangkamilalakisamagkakapatidHindikmiclosengkuyanmin iwankoba.siguro dahil Hindikmilumakiksamasya.

Colin L

She looks related to Stephen Hawking.

Bc Fu

05:01 yes yes we proved that by mathematical induction in highschool


Sorry, I,m only joking. Your work looks amazing.


I had this position with black and luckily after seeing this video..!!


Thanks for your awesome videos. I really need them!

remi moses

The noise is a complete joke

Siva Prakasam

At 5.21 he had 13 coins but at 5.25 he had only 12

rogue24 1

Looks really bad, ruined good wood there. Very bad design.Why would anyone want to see gravel? Epoxy doesn't make anything look good.

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