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Team 10: Tanthony & Chessa - According To You

And also never trust commenters on chess videos (Jesus guys, seriously lol.The mind just slips on occasion.But as of late, I have switched to the Torx bit screw, they are just easier to use.When do you launch the the pants?Ben Finegold is the Rick Sanchez of chess.I want to marry her.Violating principles generally gets you spanked.Like just finish it dude.

He just popularizes science."Improve my vast knowledge" Insert Sentient being meme.What a beautiful piece of art.It was amazing and even though it's gone I just wanted to say thank you.By folding it you just get an increased length in the paper,then what about the width it is also decreasing the way length is increasing.Bangolfsen headphones.I could do without all the hypotheticals.Something Just Went In Front Of You.

First, let me say I am 63 yo and never really tried word working.Every time you say DTF I start giggling."busking with mathematics" so, con artistry?Hey agad I think Hikaru won against Carlsen in 2016 Bilbao.Wtf first sanding is boring, now u r saying drilling is boring, why the f did u choose to be a Joiner if u can't enjoy the stuff that takes up the most time, and is the most necessary.

You can put a

You can put a

Nhng ni chm li mt cht th mi ngi kp hiu hn.Wow Frank loves to be on this show.It must get very hot, how many batches did you use?These riddles are actually degenerate.And it's a big might stand up on their back legs and get rid of the oppressive government that will be powerless due to the attrition rate of the virus.Agad im ok at chess but i found both moves!Keep 'er lit Bro!I echo Richard's question as to the time for the project.You can see the next three moves if you take are an instant loss for black.Omg i forgot all about flash carts.

As a second note you need to clean your blades.Please, make a tut about grid in games like nonograms.Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year.This video wanna make me beat my coach.0:51 - isnt it better to play Qd5?India performed decently, it's just that medal couldn't be achieved.

So that I will follow your

So that I will follow your

So much back and forth amongst some of the best bullet players.What I wanna know is all this time, and material what would you charge for the customer so you can maintain your life and shop to go on.If I were black.I just love that line when someone's trying to sell you a repair item "It's probably just a loose wire" Oh if I had a 1 etc etc.Here at the north castles were very dark and cold during winter just like everything else.I don't comment that much on videos, but if it'll help you out with the viewer engagement numbers - You have the king and queen swapped on the board.I was missing structural problem solving approach, or when applicable, objective position evaluation and pattern recognition such as removing the guard (luring away for example).It would be interesting to see how much weight the extra paint adds.

dcar 430

This guy killed chessboards? What a monster!

swordmaster 300

Hey brackeys im a highschool student and love participating in your jams. I dont know if you even care, But im currently making a game for game dev hq's 8 month jam and im having a hard time finding motivation for even that so im sorry i cant make this one.

Ser Vantes

cool vid, music is loud as fuck all though

Greg C

You are very good at what you do!

Trap Drip

Quite good video, awesome! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

Mango Rice

Lmao at The Police joke, "Every move I make, every breath I take. . ." XD

no way

greg egan? you mean the bookwriter greg egan? you mean the writer from "permutation city"? its an awesome book. i love it :-D

Guy H.

Wow! As a Geographer myself, I'm a map geek myself, this completely caught my eye. I think that I'm going to try something like this but I'm going to have to use a Dremel instead. Great job!

the German 3D Printing Nerd

Looks absolute Awesome

Mush Kush

That's why I shop online on black Friday

Vijay Kumar IPS

Bro confrom ma money Eran aagumaa

Rich R

I need that in my mouth hole.This will be my project next weekend

Ken Yilmaz


Three Axis

I know you can do this on a Fadal machine can you G01 G90 X. G91 Y. F100. in a Hass program as well?


who else doesn’t watch the level 4?

Gary Mitchell

Why did they ignore these patients for so long?

Mario Saldana

You can see the Mary Lou record by the creative force on utube

Stupor Pendus

Bens queens in trouble. Well you’re British so god save the queenlol

David Conagher

One thought for black, why not 21 after Ne5, Bc4? Interrupting the rook coordination by interposing your shitty bishop and locking the rook on c5 in your house seems like a move that would at least make your opponent slow down a little. If white wants to have both rooks coordinated, you get your bad bishop off the board, white trades his great knight and yes, profits a pawn, but no passed pawns are created with this continuation. If white values his immovable knight and trades a rook, simplifying the board after that would become a lot easier, and you could play Rook vs Knight and Pawn position at that point, with the added bonus of 2 3rd rank pawns (not passed nor can they become such without help from the rook, but they exist nonetheless) on the opposite side of the board from the king.

Jyoti Sahoo

Nice Game

Tristan Fellows

beats gang

Dragon Heart

5:56 why does that look like a mango


Not anymore hehehe

Positive Comment

i like the choice of thumbnail


Dumb Idea-Use a drone or a small-ish helium balloon to carry the aerial up into the air...high enough to be clear of most interference...BTW, WHEN is the BBC going to recognize your talents and hire you as a presenter?

len len

Can y'all stop complaining about the integration of the ads? They gotta do what they gotta do they're independent now


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