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Teamfight Tactics Mobile Beta Gameplay (TFT League of Legends)

I like how women make it a point to compliment each other during a match.Even science (the philosophy of scientific methodology and naturalism) is a form of a religion (a religion of Truth just like the others).What food grade mineral oil did you use?That knight sac!Me encanta la cancion es muylinday los animales son bellos.

I can't stop watching these chanle.A great use for any left over cocaine.If it wasn't a blitz game, this girl could have won without committing that blunder :-).Or you could play on lichess and get all of these features plus more for free.The pin is mightier than the sword.Guseinov is a good grandmaster too.

10 hour version of one man

10 hour version of one man

Any particular reason the singer was miked differently for Free Fallin' and Drift Away?5:05 knight e4 and pawn d5 pushing pawn and then bishop.Gotta just hand twork that 30.This song still gives me shivers!Got to say, though, as someone essentially lazy and eager to get on with the project I needed the deep reach clamp for, that 100 bucks for the readymade is looking good.It’s Ring of Fire by johnny cash.Where can I found Pasteurized egg whites?

Good to see Omar switched

Good to see Omar switched

Great that you comment on your ideas during playing and discussing afterwards.I heard a torsion box will work.Maybe because that's the layout I use the most by an overwhelming margin, but still.We should love our mothermore than anyone else.Oh my goodness, the way is the goal.It's not exactly craftsmanship just wanging them out with a router is it.

If you can create

If you can create

Makes the Martin videos I've seen of their work like a bunch of hacks.I'm envisioning a prank where you replace a bolt or several bolts in a friend's toolbox.It's really beautiful.Question my chess foresight is limited at best but for the life of me I can't see what's wrong with bxe3 as opposed to rc8, seems like a free pawn BARE MINIMUM.Great tone quality- she really commands the center of each tone, brings out the brilliance of every note.This is verynaive,people bathing regularlypeople clearing their crap properlybc of laws.Hi your cakes are amazing.

Chess is really dull.

Chess is really dull.

Well played little boy.Enjoyed this video a lot keep em coming :).Mahesh gupta ( Sliding Windows worker ) 12:48time.Magnus doesn't know these endings by heart because he doesn't need to, he can calculate and see the way to win.Specially rico and aldin at marian.Sibapak sampe geleng2 kepala.I did notnotice him!

Julia rose Michael

Go to Rockaway Beach it is a very creepy place and you can do the voice box communicate with my brother if you want to you would have to go to his funeral page and look at that butt

Guillaume le cam

i really like to compare morphy to fisher, they both have reach a superdominant level in their era and they both were artists who were searching best moves not wining moves.


Chess having been popular in USSR wait was and to extent still is an irony. It does take training and probably genes to become good, and it is fun to some level. But it really doesn't help the individual to become well rounded in their intelligence when all you do is play chess over and overtrying to become better. It's like when autistic people are exceptionally good at a few things everyone sucks at. Becoming good at some field of science, or more than one, then taking a standardized test such as an IQ test is for now the most accurate and replicable test of one's intelligence I think.


Hi can we use fine sugar instead of powder?

Bender The Robot

I' dont know why the camera always shot the crowd instead of the game, mainly in the most important moment, and the narrators speciialy a woman aren't concentrate in game, both seems comedians actor and actress,more interested in appear... shut!

KuyunTuT Gaming

Ada pakiu lagi ahh sial haha


At 8:00 min, what do you call that technique? I have seen another guy do that with a circular saw and he called it "the Polish Planer." lol

Paul Gabrielson

The Circle of 5ths are an end unto themselves. They explain very little in terms of music theory. It is a good start however. Dividing 12 into equal or unequal parts can help reveal harmonic relationships

Sandy Davis

Your voice lulls me to sleep. I love you and your channel.

Jay Kallenbach

Thanks for sharing the process, I'm glad I watched.I would have done the same thing, and just started pouring.Knowledge gained. Future note to self - trying small piece before large project :)

Sir Real Words

Wow man you killed it with the awesome insights on this one. Legendary realness! Keep em coming cuz!

Jacob Bingham

Bruh just connect it already


you are a master sir


to anyone wondering about the last one, bogosort goes by the monkeys in a room full of typewriters rule, it generates every permutation of an array randomly and hopes for the best that it gets the sorted permutation.

Tired Dad

I dont understand how people can understand the game without watching the digital illustration..seriouslyI am not shy to point out this thing.

Ramirro XD

Have you guys ever noticed that almost every time in these grsnmaster games the white is most likely to win and to set up gambits , its a bit controversial if you think about it

Almer Staal

I dont understand why they dont just cut out the first 50 sec

ProBe Like

3:45 how can you eat the pone?

montajes marissa

Grabe I yakko d ko ma pigilan nkarelate ako sa story magkaparehokmi

Roy Strader

Interesting.The Great Flood (Noah's Flood) occurred about 4400 years ago.So, that fits the mathematics discussed here.

Tulisa Jones

I rote your name rong it’s Moe sargi

Angel Quevedo

knight c3 Anand last turn.

Doesn’t want to update me youtube name comment Why

It definitely makes you work for your drink it says to prime it, you didn’t prime it

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