Chess kansas city

Hello my blog


I like the part with delegate.Hardest thing is to WINthe WINNING POSITIONS!I'm happy just to see it!Music from another universe magical, wonderful and warm.How do you play Cambodian chess onlinep.

Dang Lincoln is soooo grabby.I love the super slick f bomb.Linkin sed china.Put your genius in saving this planet!Why do i hear a man angrily yelling BOY!The gameplay after just horrible :-.That ring Royce be rocking is tuff, no lie.Chess vs Ace Amin first, small room, then Chess vs Shine.

Thanks for the vid.Any way you could convert some omni tracks to digital?Oh don’t ever change Agadmator (Lenny).Did he used just one layer of black paint and chrome paint?It wasn't a good night for the culture.

Would be looking forward to this!Nice cartoons though.Necessity is the mother of invention - imagination never hurts either.People should watch this video before you hear this music.CHESSTERUK Pleasure to do the video :).

She would always say "if you want

She would always say "if you want

We miss your videos.They used less nickel after that because it was needed for the UK atomic weapons program.When your a pleb a super thin laptop sounds awesome.James takes off shirt Eugene: gay.Just like how the three 5s and three 7s case were similar (555 and 7-77) the case with 8s and 10s are similar and intuitive too.


"Let's say you're watching the NBA, because you know you have brain damage or something"Hahahaha i am dead!

Ronaldo Imran

That wasn't too hard ? omg... he is so hot !


As a "chess educator", why would you bother putting this one on youtube?I mean you are playing a guy 300 points lower and moreover he's blundering a whole Queen!! Don't get me wrong though, I think you're among the greatest chess youtubers but I think you could put some more interesting blitz games imhoLooking forward to see some more vids,Cheers

Shukla Maths Academy

Nice graphics.

Charles Cushing

a 2:54 white knight to e5 would have forked BOTH queens! LOL

Ali Piracha

Super entertaining to watch! Do this more often!


Blocking f7 pawn?

jalpa karchaliya

I will make on my husbands bday... Will surely give how it turnes

Colm Magner

It fought you every step of the way!!! Great job!!!

Luna lovedraw

Hahah I love your channel

William Earl



Wonder what would happen if you put him and Fleece Johnson in a cell together.

Dexter Napoco


Bruce L.

Shame on Me. I didn't even realize it was named after Hedwig till the movies were almost over. Of all the characters that got killed Hedwig s upset me the most

Payton Lowe

Great video!Very well explained!


No, turps and white spirits are different...

Ruige Verfaillie

The move Bob makes is not a legal move...

falloutcentral gaming

In my religous education class we watched see no evil and there was no thing saying that Ian and Myra liked the Nazis.

harsha vardhan

How to receive that application from details


i still dont understand the return function.could someone expain ?

Anthony Ng

Great analysis smart sacrifice by Fischer!

Buneti Narsimulu

Oka vella time agipothyia

Paul Dacus

6:32 It's not all black whiteGood one :-)

Michael Wilson

Amazing! Seriously, how many years of practice does it take to be able to make something like this? I mean I get everyone is different, but this is no beginner project...Well done!


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