Chess kansas city

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That's why Baadur Jobava is a genius!

Naweds edaeinsn you Batte chess Bida lease cdong ous.I just can't understand those formulas and concepts of physics.Yshk viswananatham.Fuck them, one thing is to be a good commentator, on the other hand, we have these douchebags smashing on everyone else.Im going to wach popeye pablo escobar hit man.I always had a feeling that the St Louis chess club was a shady organisation.But most importantly it will make us feel.

Just to lend some scale to the desert,

Just to lend some scale to the desert,

I guess I am half human half stockfish then lol.The only vedio which made learn cube.My boy, Agad, is savage.Afraid to see black men come together.Who still talks trash like some cheap coffee shop two dollar a game hustler?Dirty swines coughing and coughing.Such entertaining content!

Best chess channel in whole YouTube.This is simply one of the greatest games i’ve ever seen.11:21 "Navara allows Magnus to start pushing his pawn"Can anyone explain why he did this move?41 hear closely.How did you became so expert in coding?I don't understand how the pawn is captured.That really looks great.Cool and awesome.Yum and thank you.Y porque le decis filas a las columnas?

Good channel nice contentp.

Good channel nice contentp.

You made coding looks friendly for novices like myself.Now you will drink some dreenks.What is the machine time to make this block?NO Major Problem can be solved, in ANY place, at ANY time, in ANY Area of (people) Activity, in the known universe, UNLESS andor UNTIL The GLOBAL Operating SYSTEM of Racism (White-Supremacy) is ELIMINATED and Replaced (in ALL 10 Major areas) with an Operating SYSTEM based on Justice.Thanks looking at your store- so mouse pad have normal and thin version- question: hOw’s the feel playing on normal mouse pad - I worry the piece will be wobbly due to soft base?So when is sin, cos, and tan getting an upgrade.:D :D Thanks Mato for sharing these videos, you're awesome!6% for sixties, and 8% for seventies.

Neloth Aren

Who supported Alexander's 40,000 men? Was it Athenian navy and a baggage train followed by Greek settlers? How many people were behind his 40,000 strong army?


Great video!

lolwa Zeid

good job


You time doesn't count?

The Friend of Many Squirrels

I wanted to hear about a situation where say you couldn’t bring a wolf and a goat together on the same boat


So what makes this dude a hustler? Is it because he talks a lot?If that's the case I don't think you know what a hustler is

Michael Sunsdahl

Simply outstanding! Totally adding to my to-do list.

Triple M

even the construction is an illusion. im watching you put it together off camera but i still dont get how you made that work by hand

Mark Gil Lalangan

Nyetang boyband member. Pati tubig ipapaabot?! Sumikat ba mga lecheng yun


This remind me of river dale

walbem wagno dos santos

parabens otima policorte co lixadeirs

Rafaelo riley Paras

Sana po ganyan din po ako makapag tapos ng pagaaral

ramisetty sandeep

5:14 the chess board is different than the final one. Here the last row/column is pasted wrongly. Two black and white side by side.

kuntal chowdhury

sab vidoe copy kiya hua agadmator ka bakwas

Bill Steinly

I remember the yellow children's records. The ones we had were 78s.

G James

Nice video.Caught be by surprise how well it turned out.



Binesh B

Amazing play by Maxime.

Muhammed Shaker

I wanna see checkmates dudePlease complete the game to the end


Yo la reviento con un hacha y listo

Mufid Agha

7:33 wow what'sthat

Uh you haven't met stabem

Who needs a biscuit jointer? No one needs a tool to glue some biscuits together.......


11:28 he looks like Jim Carey


What a game by Anand!

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