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That Was A Majestic Checkmate

He didn’t kill over 200!They drive me to keep doing better for myself.Wow good stuff thats takes some skill and dedication.Its so true, Petrossian was always nice and smiling, a class act.

Nyc recipe mam subscribed ur channelWill try itOne question mamIs there no need to preheat tawa?Could you use a syringe to add the resin to your pattern?I used lead nails for the wheels instead of the stock nails.

 Whenever he suggests an alternative move himself,

 Whenever he suggests an alternative move himself,

It looks so beautiful.After reading the comments, I can add nothing better.And I have to eat my banana.The content (analysis) of his narration is skin-deep - he often says things like "I guess I'll try this", "this is strange", "wow, that was surprising", "uhhhh, what to do".Ever considered making a Curta Calculator?Diabetes in each part of the cake, still looks good though, but I wouldn't give it a try.

It is not easy having an

It is not easy having an

), so my english can not be the best but I’m learning many things from my school and from you, the next two years I’m going to learn how to use cnc mill, rectification and other things, so I’m gonna visit your videos for more information in the future!Now try a bishop tour P.For instance, after black takes the pawn on D4 I bring out my bishop and Black just brings out pawn to B5.This looks so easy.I really like the content of this channel and I also love chess and put it out of my responsibilities and sometimes I hope to be in this school in Los Angeles but I live in Algeria and I can not travel but I always wish to be very dead in this school and thank you very much and I have experience in Many fields.My playing has changed so much, sounds almost like a pro!Dude wanted to break it hourly rate is really tough accountant but certainly not known to creative process.

Best video ever.

Best video ever.

When you get the Micro, finish it, and engrave a flag of the two countries of origin on the handle.Like si sufriste cada partida con Pepe.I'm just getting started in woodworking and have watched your videos for about a year.Fantastic work, the end result is stunning, thanks for sharing.Specially this one and the one before :)My workshop is so horrible small and I started some years agon beeing so happy to have your channel found.Was it done this way to do one part with different intention if they were being manufactured in higher volumes?Love the contrast.Maybe you can kit-bash your bottle with the TiteBond cap.I believe that island is called "Indian Key" off of Hernando Beach, FL.Thanks for the tutorial - everything works fine, but would be great if you'll make another tutorial about these special fields (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30).

If u dont know why she

If u dont know why she

It could be forever and none of them germinate (very slim, but finite chance).Its getting too much with all these guy's.This is so good.If you want to know the song, you can also use "shazam", an free app that I used to identify some of these songs lol.It's so awesome to be able to watch such a highly rated GM play and banter.I use a jig like this for re-profiling bladed then finish them on a 3000-8000 Kasumi Japanese water stone.But Firouzja's played well, he earned the victory.So freaking awesome.Any ideas what I might have done wrong?

Jarek Piwar

Carlsen know that water is need to beter thinking.

Sam Orphanos

This is so beautiful. Great work man, wish I could do that half as well as you

Sean Crossan

Idky Leonhart doesn’t but I love Boltund! BoltundGang


night f3 dila khal khotom

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Yargo Ook

Yasser is one of the best chess analysts imo (along with Jan Guftason, Varozhan Akobion, and Kingcrusher) explaining in a straightforward and clear waythe players thought processes and reasoning throughout the game. A far cry from some sites where the supposed "analyst' basically just rapidly recites the moves.

Venom Squad HD Paul

hernando beach ? thats crazyyy

Hans Bruhn Neergaard

I finally solved one of your puzzles(all be it one of the easier ones) God I'm so happy to finally get called and excellent check mater in two! awesome video keep it up

Brad Traeger

This is an extremely high-value set of tools from a true master of craft.Thanks for sharing!

Don Anderson

At time 2:20, how thick are you cutting the slices?


I'm the only one among all my friends who watch vsauce So I can't joke on ... "Or does it?"

DreiPH Official



WOW !!Nice work

William Ribeiro

Obrigado! Estava aguardando este vdeo a muito tempo. Obrigado! Obrigado.......


I’m not trying to be that guy but why don’t you just pre-drill so you don’t have any problems with drywall screws

Steve Lamperta

does temp of the material effect the chip breaking do you think ?It seems it would.... I just got my first maching, its a Grizzly g9729 3/4 hp combo lathe mill and I am trying to learn everything I can. You seem to know what's going on with this stuff .... Love your video's and watch whenever I get a chance...

Tatsuki Touya

It's unfair

Ahmed Baig

Both players were wonderful in this match. The black bishop was ready to act at a3 and thereafter many moves were played till the match was finally won by young Botvinick. The exchnge of queens was not possible!

toge Ka

I really like this channel. You explain your deep thoughts in detail and make me to play chess again

Colani Fakude

I just faced a business hurdle very recently and this video is what I needed.


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