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The annoying Bb5 against Sicilian Setups! - GM Damian Lemos (EMPIRE CHESS)

Wow beautiful job!Black Pawn was taken on g2 not g3.It is your imagination that impresses me.Omgwtfbbq military This trulysounds degply sexextremely.That was the best move ever.That is brilliant.After watching random championship I see the position is weird.

I'm not doing that, hell no."hans get ze flammenwerfer".Came out really nicep.10:00 an girl that age doesn’t know numbers.Isn't paduk Toxic?As a matter of fact I LOVE it.I like rook and queen.

But there are few things that trance attention the way chess does.Evenamatuar players will love to play that line and i was thinking about that carlsen will definitely play that sacrificial move becauseotherwise whats the meaning of that bishop whoose only looking at h6 pawn ?6m Such a deal: t.Can we skip vanilla and milk powder.Mi hermana no me volver a humillar:D.If Lovin' You is Wrong is a song that was a hit a quarter century before Alexandra was born.

Did pinewood derby in Boy Scouts and Nitro in shop class.I personally think this channel has done a great job making a wide variety of videos to please a wide variety of viewers.It is crazy to think how many of these you could make out of one random piece of wood!Let's name the grids by using coordinates.Black men making Generational Wealth!What in the Team Fortress 2 is going on here.I really don't think an auger is the solution, excepting only to feed the actual pressure melting tank that would be required.

Would that be a legal

Would that be a legal

These guys are by far the biggest nerds ever to be on ESPN.It's the best tool I've used in a while, not to mention it's online.Is it the "magnus respect" effect.So you were right agadmator that Nakamura just made up the rule about using a pawn as a queen if your opponent is holding your queen.Thank you for the great video :Dp.Hardest thing is to WINthe WINNING POSITIONS!Kasparov is amazing just amazing.Hey i see improvement in your games against top caliber players.Hi a comment daup.

Easy to tips and tricks ect

good job definitely thinking outside the box look forward to hear from you thanks for sharing bye for now Ken

Mike Nicolette

This slob with his recycled videos

Megatron Ultra Brutal Destroyer

Best move on 11:46 was rock to E8. Checkmate in 3.


"To be continued..."Me:


Wow sick people


To be unknown in the  match against Tal is good hehehe ..But against Polugaevsky it was pretty hard to win with his famous unsound sacrifices ...All in all Misha was a genius but for me Bobby was and still is best chess player ever ...Bobby was also a great sportsman and gentleman  ....this is confirmed at Curacao tournament  1962 when he visited sick Tal at hospital and played few games with him while his Soviet colleagues did not care much for Tal ...This gesture touched Tal deeply ... 

Amrin Mirza

Kannu konjam speed thaan but useful thangam



Adam Boufassa

That just won me a chess tournament at school

Johnny's Videos

Why not print in black or white and then sand prime and paint?

Brian Byrne

Drilling out the bottoms of the pieces and glueing in a lead weight would be a cool addition.


My 1.5 hour modern physics class condensed in 6 minutes :'

Sean Velhagen

I feel like 2:51 could've been worded much better

Desi Chef

Wow ...dude this is indeed the coolest rolling pin


Allen you are my favourite mythbusters

Light Owl

2 = Z

William Roche

idk the jing diao vids are pretty good too

Hugo Jean

But if you just capture the queen right after it's spawn you check a you still have a knight.

Harshit chauhan

31:31 Black is running out of pieces to attack there's The Jerry

Iris Reyna

I don't understand the knight thing


I have 12 solutions of this puzzle


"This is one game when Giri is not interested in a draw" Agad 2020


He's such a prick

Janko Muzykant

2:25 can someone explain to me why players don’t want to grab free pawns?

Tech Nitwit

you should link there channels in yours

Golden ARN

Just got chess today



steve22 LOL

What a beautiful game Mato. I'm really impresed. A brilliant way to attack a "solid" possition

juan anaya lomeli

: O


2:50 Video when I’m watching alone.2:57 Video when my parents enter the room.

John Kelly

I, for one could do without the music! It's too loud and an annoying distraction.


Pretty sure making chess is beyond my level as of now lmao especially when im a beginner to c

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