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The Art 🎨 of Checkmate - IM Renier Castellanos (The Chess World)

It is "Voice control listening" sound from Microsoft Windows.The others i dont get it.Shits fucked and their isn't nearly enough noise being made about and it kind of pisses me off that they can preach so much about being the good guys but in reality they are just insidious pieces of shit.Caffeine wasn't prepared, I'ma still fuck with them cause I believe they get it now.But against Polugaevsky it was pretty hard to win with his famous unsound sacrifices.What am I missing?22:21 it my birth day and i love mario same day i got the switch.

What I wanna say that if I'm not the chess board magician like Morphy or Tal then I will find the most horrific movie is live on the board.I would be very interested seeing how was this game decided to be balanced!I got the 2nd example right, with Rd2.Duct tape and a ski mask!5:40 His face 100% POWER!Tip from a patternmaker.You should learn something about video editing.

What's up with the

What's up with the

I knew that was coming :P:Pp.I love that "BUT!10:24 bd7 would also work right?1:09 the pronunciation was almost perfect.A cheating is done in last.But these guitars looks good ).YTF is that dudes lips purple, and he's alive?Did anybody else see that bag move when he was talking about the door.Literally in every way.This nigga said shine is very hard to beat in the building 67 times.

The black king staying in his castle or his camp whatever.Vikings created Russia?And you’re on a giant turtle.I absolutly love watching your builds but how about some backround music instead of the sped up sound, would make it a lot more enjoyable to watch :) Really awesome vids though and I will keep watching every one with or without music :).That beautiful "romantic" style is no good on that level.You are welcome - I thoroughly enjoy your videos.Thanks for the video.HEALTHY HUMANS ARE BAD FOR BUSINESS.I don't know how I, or more importantly, other people should feel about that.Dee dee megadoodoo.

angela nadeau

What if I have no electricity?


How many faces can you see in the clouds of that cover?


This is the way be wall is a classic


why is everyone on the left fat ?

7th Seeker

looks like they played for draw since the very start :D

Daniel Kim

This podcast is getting better. Thank you for the laughs

Bhavin Sakuniya

Kole Rogers

The best part of the dirty dozen puzzle design is the fact that not only does it have 12 pieces, but the pieces are all identical with two 5s and one 2 making the pieces. That adds up to 12 making the puzzle truly live up to it's name. Mind-blowing!


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