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The First Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News

Hey Jerry Great work.Funny you dont know GOATs surname.Is there a 3D printer that can print more than one color at the same time on one item?Is there the originalunsped-up version of this somewhere?Bonjour Monsieur.Had a similar issue and had to make due with 2x8 instead of 4x8 since nomatter what.I’m still growing up in a rough household and you don’t see me mirroring anybody!The moment Satan comes back to collect Carlsen's soul after making him the greatest chess player in the world years earlier:4:37.

It's a whole lot easier to follow that way, and if you have only a few parts left to do (and you're not going to be around) you can VERY quickly stick in a stop so you don't waste wire machining thin air (water).I would totally crush you Carlsen.Can your track saw do that?Killing ents, consider them the elephants of middle earth if you will(I know there are mumkail too, similar situation with them they get hunted and used too).Something tells me it took quite some time to get to this level, but well worth the investment I'm sure.That would be some tough decisions for white, I was eyeballing that rook, eyeballing that other rook too, if he took it with his knight, and I doubt he would’ve used his queen to take my bishop.Beach if it’s warm.The logic you started with is Flawed.

So from what I see this guy has become recognizable when he did his trading action.Anyways nice video.One day he is going to slip and be like WHAT'S INSIDE A LIVE HAND !The music is so horrible.That unibody case was released in 2010 so its somewhat 10years old not 12, and the hw in the 2017 upgrade is still quite viable for that money imho.Anand was aggressive and very close to winning, yet Carlsen defeated him in the end.Difference being, everyone there has been screened to be in good health.Very good delivery, keep them coming!Firouzja play bullet games like McLaren in drag racing, so it's not fair to play tie break in low time!10 is 0 not undefined, because the difference between the positive side and the negative side will equal themselves out when they do arrive at 0.

Gareth, Bedford UK.

Gareth, Bedford UK.

14:36 why not knight f3.Thank you for an amazing video!Why he wearing odd shoes.3:55 Wait, what?But the Hindi names for Knight and Bishop are swapped.I'm pretty aggravated now, why did you make me watch this!U should have covered atleast 1 nihal sareen game.I have a questions for you.15:58 Why not Q to h3 check, then after K to g1, Q to h2 mate?

I'd never be that

I'd never be that

I'd double subscribe if I could.Y not keep the shiny buizel it gets aqua jet.Love that No-Spoilers policy.What ist that for a Kable, to connect the Board with the Clock ?SOme Murican CaRl: Ehh.Lol white can easily win the match.

The standard sink design is still the best, the rest is just artsy trash.It was the greatest trick in the world.Yeah it was but Bareev played excellent game.Morphy was so superior to all the people around him, he would have easily achieved an 2700 ELO if it had exited back then.She is also a poker player and live commentator for St.

Anothercg Gmail

Great tool.Engine blocks are archaic.


Sorry Alex, but this game is older than the Gupta empire. Recent lothal findings show chess pieces that were 3000 years old minimum. Also, folklore and common beliefs actually take it back to 70,000 years to the time of Ayodhya. Apparently, Raavana’s wife Mandodari invented it. Of course this is folklore but no reason to believe it could be wrong.


I really missed him. Seeing him lecturing about my fav player is a pleasure. Always lived to live in a Tal-Strasse. Strasse is street in German, Tal means valley. Would tell anybody it is named after Mikhail Tal.


Works in China: 1 7th of the population: (()')

Angel Hernandez

Que buen tutorial sigan asi

Brother Firetribe

Jeremy Renner has a chess YouTube channel?

Louie M

Sweet info, very easy to understand. Thank you.

Joel Turner A.I.W

Is there any type of wood you shouldn't use? Because if it burned it would be toxic.


Best ad I have ever seen

Chris Town

So AI is nothing new.

umair aslam

This guy amal is a shitty loudmouth..I like the way rest of three played.. hope this self centred Canadian also learns some thing

Satar Khan

No question Pragg is a great kid and great player,the odds to become a grand master is 1 in 50 million they all possess mind boggling ability for example On December 3, 2016, at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas Timur Gareyev made an attempt to break the world record in blindfold simultaneous play. Without seeing the board Gareyev played against 48 opponents at the same time, more than any player before him. With a mask before his eyes and on an exercise bike. 35 wins, 7 draws, and 6 losses

Vytautas V

Damn thats beautyful

Wayne Winkler

Does anyone else notice how annoyed Dan gets at Lincoln in certain moments in these videos - like the switching seats comment or making him remove his hand off the chess board in the beginning?


Wow! Full respect for that


Great job very cool.Where did you get that little spotwelder?I sure could use one like that. I do small metal work.

Ben Warner

I’ve seen allot of guitar lessons on YouTube but this is definitely a keeper!

Rahmat Hidayat

Garapan halus, sangat memuaskan, hebat tangan terampil, ssssssiiiip top markotop pokoke joss tenan, kl pesan berapa bro


Magnus has a RoG laptop confirmed!


1:52Vishy wins the competitionVishy shakes hands with the ladiesMagnus trying so hard not to burst with laughter thinks to himself: Damn Vishy won and he’s picking up the ladies, well played


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