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The five basic strategies of backgammon

Hope your other videos are a bit more detailed.I can't figure out how to get left for dead on my xbox one.Alexander Petrov.There are smaller solutions for a2b2c2d2e2 like 72242152202252, interesting that these don't form a problem for reaching 7824.I never knew YouTube did this.

Four Queens Wins.I just keep the table the he drew at 10:53 so I can remember the units.0, and in school we called it 0.3:54 Bxd4 was a better move!Bd7 now any square knight moves will be captured and g pawn promoted.

20"EventDate "2018.

20"EventDate "2018.

What would be epic!1) get a table saw (sawstop jobsite saw will be the best safe option)2) get a track saw.Also I LOVE the fact that they censored the word trump.Roses are red,Violets are blue,There’s always an asian That’s better than you.It's still amazing at construction type work where a 89 degree cut works, and I get joy out of it knowing my grandpa used it a lot (don't know the age but its over 25 years old or so).10x4 and jerrys face.I always find its a beautiful coincidence that their names are so similar.I loved how you did the cnc letters and numbers inlay.

Thanks for charing your

Thanks for charing your

Omar, at 13:12 after you said james!Adjust it snug, then measure it with the same micrometer you use to measure the outside dovetail, around pins.I'll check back in with y'all when I get it.This guys is so fing sick!Something fascinating is going to occur.Compared to felt?

Gives me shivers.Expectations were high when I started but it began to feel like a Cassandra and Kafka sales pitch.19:17 i love how the reflection lines up with the logo to make a full apple.I see no queenside play if the position is locked up.Hm giao lu tp th anh ei c vua anh nha trn lichess.Instead take with rook and exchange one of them.Please record Drift Away as this acoustic quartet you featured here.

When I die,

When I die,

Love that you addressed the "extreme learner" XD The first 5 'tsk tsk' moves are called book moves.This is coming from someone that has shot firearms most of my life and rarely used protection.I was inspired by your last chessboard video to make something similar for my grandpa and it went pretty well although I only had reclaimed beech and pine so it looked just "okayish".There are 3 ways to correct the over bubbles.Your work is so precise, interesting and inspiring I wish it came up earlier in searches for woodworking videos in the states because your talent is amazing.I thought I was settling in for another Amazing Alekhine Ass-whooping.

Unfortunately his video's are only in Russian.I bet Dunkin donuts or Krispy Kreme would pay a premium for this.I don't like it when travel sets don't have strong magnets or a place to put captured pieces.The story Line of this game is amazing i love the game.Still ro kin tht dumb ass hair.


also well done on the 12 minutes. if i see another 45 min lecture with ben finegold fist pumping im gonna cut my chessboard in half.

Ronniesherpa Lee

Wow what a shop and extensive tools. Great work, ya sure can swing those tools man. Whew I'm sore from watching need to go put on my wrist and elbow straps after this. That's effort. Looking forward to breezing through your vids. Cheers...

Abdulkadir sumara

Game is very good but your analysis wonderful

G Un

I really liked your vedio


What is the space height between glass and mirror

Ben Sy

No one, in the history of the wotld would ever build an entire guillotine, and ONLY use it on a burrito. I bet your gonna use it for something else, anything else


I like when he plays a little to no respect chess

Greg Nixon

I have a sneaking suspicion that one day the maths that are required to enable us to travel faster than the speed of light will be based on a collection ofNumberphile videos.

Gerhard Hauptmann


Rodrigo Nogueira

This is the best video i have seen from u guys! Really entertaining

Ed Cammarata

Thanks, I learned some thingsGood video!

Ibrahim Syed

name your pick "Beest" like "Beast" with a bee joke



Alfredo Becht

Can't stop watching the legs in the background.

Thanh Li Ngc

Gp ad ch cn quay ci hnh my tnh chi thoi . Ch quay ci 2 ng nh kh nhn qu )))


... so, let’s say I have a potato

Ho Lee Sheet

This is not at all inspiring...i feel dumb just by watching how good he is.

Ankush Pm

like ur videos brother...keep up the good work...

Kristijan Glavan

pozdrav Vinkovcima

matt artinger

Andy---did you take a torch to the outlines of the continents before doing the epoxy? i didn't see that part but the dark effect around the continents is fantastic!!

Ken Amador


ngc nguyn

Vit Nam v ch

smokey woki

Super Magnus

Nez Bit


Fiona Nelson

go to toms house with omar

suresh katesiya

There was a toy


Video khc ?????!

dorothy cook

Could this be built on a higher base....I have a full leg brace and can't kneel or sit on the ground

Julia marie Johannessen

Who is Tom? I have been curius for a long time. What is his name other than Tom and what happend to him?


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