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The Four Knights, Spanish Variation: Part 1 | Chess Openings Explained

A barber down the street from me got arrested for selling drugs its sad because I was one of his customers for years.Keep up the great work my friend!Another interesting way to play as a team would be a kind of tandem where one player plays the first 5 minutes, the second one the middle game, and the last one the ending.Can we keep it in fridge for a day.Settings Speed 2You can thank me later.Well, he was right about religion.Tamilnadu is proud.Instead of stands for mines you could use styrofoam balls.

Qc3 wins the knight.Moe my boy ur awesome keep doing what u r doing love u guys Sue Australia.Great video and beautiful radio!I love how the other kid collects the other captured pieces and then decides to share it with the playing kid.Thats the finest tank stand I ever seen.Thanks for sharing your creation.Chess and shame, now this outa be good, i wonder which one got drunk and started to dance naked on the table.

1:35Jin: We starved like crazy RM: We starved

1:35Jin: We starved like crazy RM: We starved

Nbd7if u play e6 the idea is to play a c6 imediatly after and have a solid hold on d5.No because the queen can go to b7 because the white bishop is on covering b7.I visited Alekhine's grave in Paris few weeks ago.Remember, he also praised the 911 attackers live on radio, as it was happening.Hey molt I'm broxox88 the guy you just played against.Could u make a stamina bar tutorial and Exp bar?At 3:15 move 7, he recommends Qh4 immediately, which threatens a swift mating sequence if white takes the rook, and if white defends properly, black plays Rf8 and enjoys an ideal attacking position.RxN due to the pin, he can just as easily play 3.What a creepy coincidence.He is well spoken and easy to follow while describing very complicated strategy.

Firouzja such a

Firouzja such a

I use a jig like this for re-profiling bladed then finish them on a 3000-8000 Kasumi Japanese water stone.Why is there a question mark?Which mods do you use?Absolutely amazing way of getting the second most precious piece on the board.Playing like boxing.Basiclly Carlsen scolding a 16 years old.It will be even more amazing.

What a game,

What a game,

At 9:30, why can't black just play Qd7 rather than Bc8?What is the best book on end game chess?Viewing it as a race position is really helpful to understand the moves that were played.On what base did u rank these variations?I am feeling so grateful for all these brillant and instructive videos :) So, a billion of thanks to you, mr Seirawan for all you gave us, (the limitated chess players of this planet) who are looking forwards you with stars in their eyes !They helped me focus and cleared my mind.Rex, how do you like the Narex chisels?

In the critical moment what about b4?WikipediaIn your opinion, chimpanzees may be moreimportant than a scientist because he is an Iranian scientist.I think doing a natural burial is lot more respectful.Then whats the price.I play games on Youtube, and I edit my own videos and it takes hours to render 1080p 60fps since my PC is an old i3820, x79 mobo, 32GB DDR3 1600, and a GTX 980.Of course, the Sicilian is always somewhat dicey for Black.

I always love to do a3 right off the bat.Apparently she's a he!Blunder is at 9:05.WOW, what an entertaining video to watch!Trying to play an opening system that he has had very little experience with was trouble right from the beginning.

Nick TV

the probability of finding a golden coin up your butt hole is low, but(t) it's never zero


28:00 When you see that Magnus is wearing almost the same color as agadmator in this video.

Brixx Productions


MV Gamer

fun gimmicky opening but not really sound against playershigher than 2000 rating

Ashly Cruz

Magnus is a young chess grand master. He is 21 years old :)

fc fc


don poncho casares torres

sigue asi buen hombre soy don poncho casare torres atte don poncho casares torres :v

amir hossein abbasi

In the position where you say carlsen blunders a piece , what if he moved the bishop to a safe square like Bc5 and after black queen takes the night Qxg5 then Rd5 by carlsen . cxd5 and the Bxd5 with check and also attacking the rook on a8 . It's steel a draw


got to love when eric hansen joins him on 10:53

parth Pandya



better than the 1.9 update !!!


Bruh these kids r so fucking annoying and the trash talk was weak


Ashiwin Bhai ye tal saheb kya khair khelne beth teri the..?


I want to have an access to your music playlists, I love your taste!

Me O

Can y'all comment in any language other than English? I don't like the game and it.

Dillon Johnson

Now we unsubscribe because you're a tool that does an ad for a piece of shit phone game. Hope you feel like a sack of shot just for a few bucks.

Omar Meneses

2 knights are impossible to stop, if they are in the right position

Ron Fast

I love your humor and work. I have a question. I'm fairly new to woodworking and was wondering the purpose of raising the grain as you mentioned in this video.

Mark Emperial

Dapat talaga lahat ng mga batang kalye pinapasok sa center para ma bago at meron maging ambag sa bayan pag dating ng araw tulad ni sir dati bigat sa kipunan kinupkop naging pulis para protektahan ang mamamayan

Lakdinu Peries

love the intro

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