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The GREATEST chess game of all time! - GM Roman Dzindzichashvili

May ama bang ganyan.Very interesting to watch.Poor meneer getting paired against the Doc 4 times in 30min.

Hahahaha this is too funny.This was genius.This was a beautiful proof.

I love your work buddy.

I love your work buddy.

Very interesting, but man is this music obnoxious.I thought we've been doin this for much longer.Water fountain in an airport?Nobody claims to be related to Stalin.I have floof and.They gave me hope, I’m thankful.38:36 was no exception!

Gotta be honest, you could have probably done it in 24 seconds if you was motivated enough (southern voice).I need one board how can i get ?I couldnt get past his childhood shit was heartbreaking asf.Really neat but another inch or two of resin would have given it so much more depth and added even more to the realism.The concept of scrap wood is a bit pointless if you have all the tools to generate workable material from it.Dileep ee 10m ayedda muthwe.A 4 12 thousand year old game played by a 4 12 thousand old old old man.

Hasta me dio

Hasta me dio

Thank you so much for this!The boy opponent just giving him chance lol.Love seeing these champion machine vs machine battles.Women's world rapid championship ended in a tie breaker.Then you take hisher bishop by our pawn.

Wonderful film it's been 8 years since I watched a movie.Scary sounds 7:10.Bagay sa kanila superb!This is something I have been interested in since high schoolI am nowlike 40.5:03Wait is that a flying truck?I am completely lost here!Thanks for spoiling Snatch for me Ben.Why is it so satisfying when they place the pieces so softly.

Interesting Stuff

King left the chat and the board.


Well I am about ready to tackle this project! All I need now is the 15 thousand dollars worth of tools you used in the video to make it!

Arnav Karhad

Horrible chess


i love the video but i love the music even more i just have your videos playing while i work

Math Quik


Mayank Shrivas

Most of the internet runs on the codes initiated by him .. and most of our lives run on the its safe to say that this guy's code runs our life

Joshua wade

I love your videos! Great tips. I was wondering if you or anyone else could recommend a quality flip bit setup.I like having a drill bit with a countersink on one end and flipping it to drive the screw.Thanks.


What kind of professional poker player wears mirror glasses while playing????


Very nice thank you very much I really enjoyed watching your video


Great job

Werner S

"With his genius idea of becoming the most elegant man in the world."

Cynthia Kinnear



9:04 "pretty black men and women"

Sales Rep


Jacob keyser

Love me some DD.


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