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The Greatest Show Unearthed AMV

Just sayin' one bro to another.I'm legitimately scared of Anna.It depends in what state a person was a slave in.For a novice like me that's a super-useful video.You are loking much anime.

The arabic Translation for Rook is Not (King)And the King is Not (horse)But really nice Work.If John John would had gotten a 3rd round in ain't no telling what really would had happened.Great job on a yuge project Shaun!White is again threatening to catch up to Black's pawn.Great video showing the process and order of operations.

For a familydessert.I hope he pulls out a couple more wins to solidify his lead.I also decided to play the Veresov with white because (I think) you might get comparable positions or strategies with white and black.After watching this video, i think i am some kind of physicists aswell.His normal "sorry about that" is him apologizing for not making more videos and releasing them sooner.You sir are making THE BEST - by far - chess videos on You Tube.What is the cost of that machine?

Carlsen has played some incredible engine

Carlsen has played some incredible engine

Depende la posicin yo puedo entregar una dama.Now I know how to be the weakest chess player in the world.We playeddid this several times.Just started a little shop in my garage, can't wait to try some (all) of your builds.What an insane player, amazing game.It would be a big project, in much the same way that working through Capablanca's book was.

In Column 4, the

In Column 4, the

: Anand isn't interestingYou clearly hate Anand why?Glad she still rotting in prison.Hello American Idol!Thx mate golden I’m very happy I’ve came across your videos cheers.His parents are the one to blame.Dont try at home.Kristhi poorvam annav malli starting lo bigbang theory cheppav bible lo cheppindhi bhumini dhevudu srushtincharu ani.I almost said down, i'm cornfused.2 fantastic players.Thanks for your time.

I got lost after the first five seconds.

I got lost after the first five seconds.

The best chess channel by far.Actually tal is playing with black!Pozdrav iz Slovenije.Nevertheless I would have loved to know the diametre of the planets How many centimetres wide is for instance Jupiter being the Sun 150cm?Hi my name is Amit.

Hamid Sani

Thanks a lot


The right-most corner from each players' side is supposed to be a light square and not a dark square. The white player is supposed to play with his king on the right side of the board. So your board orientation is wrong in the first place, turn it 90 degrees..

patrick ferry

Hello, it is for sale?

Spill Berg

I wanna play magnus! Id kick his smart azz


0:59 Qe2 then Qe7 i think then Qxe4 and d6?

831 Digital



at 12:53, why B back to d2, isnt d4 just better?

Hestia Lee

I didn't know I was interested in spray tan, but I guess I like it

Jon Alexander

your wood was not to this you just had some grain that went across where it failed. The late failures were due to you being a little to lite on the glue on the glue up.

Daniel Bob

so beautiful !


Corporations wright off taxes as biz expense, they do the same with entertainment and catering

Saeed Bawazir

came from Anand Carlsen game

Jimmy's Tractor

34:02 I'm sure it is plenty sharp. You just need to slow the feed, increase flutes or(best solution) grind or file some relief into your engraving bit. If it is one of those one flute points Ive seen you make, the problem is no relief. Without relief, you are pushing the round backside of the cutter against the work for a full 180 degrees after the cut- that tends to push the material out of the way.

lovin yah

whats that material which the resin dosent stick to if you don't mind and what other simple cheap stuff it dsent stick to as well? thank you in advance

Sebastian Bartolic

Yeah lets just take into consideration that they have 250IQ each pff.. unrealistic and so BS

jeric synergy

$30!Damn, no wonder those pristine C-64s I gave away went so fast....

Jake Carr

What kind of wood is being used.

Subhajit paul

Thank you chess network...good commentary.


In this lecture GM Finegold mentioned his own YouTube channel but I can't find it. Anybody know the channel name?


Yo agadmator, did you get a donation from poker beast ben86? :o


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