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THE IMPORTANCE OF TROOP BONUSES | Fixed cards | RISK: Global Domination Strategy on How to Win Risk

Very nice vids lately.I guess when your worth 45 million you don’t have to respond!White wud have even sacrifice his kind but still won.Then I thought what if my King jumps in to stop those ideas.The shit family situation, ok.Coronavirus will be an epic disaster here in America.Keep up the excellent work!

That one was outlawed, kind of like the bird opening.Lodi pa shout out po my build ako Kay Chou First item beast killer sa jungle itemWarrior bootsBlade of despairEndless battle Cursed helmet sa defense item Thunder beltPls try build and shout out ulitCall it no attack but does dmg TRUST GOD BUILD.I don't really see how we achieve our idea.This was super helpful!Wow Anand is really really good.That's a fact: you can see it at 32:04.Silicone mold pouring we would degas the silicon mix and not the poured mold, you put the mix pot into the vacuum pot, container should be at least twice as high as the charge (silicone level) this is to prevent over spill.Trash talk or something dude.

Nh vs my a ko bit nh th dc.As in with no straight edge or anything.Dinosaurs are not dragons.I would have put in the ridiculous number of hours to build a big solid wood table.I guarantee you in prison it would be another story!Fried liver atk.This movie has no plotholes.The reason I do this is data management is far easier in the CAM environment compared to the G-code environment.

A new seating position?

A new seating position?

Which happy birthday wish is your favourite one?22:26, what is the name of that opening for black ?We need him to keep up his philanthropy!Stay humble pa din.I don't have the fancy equipment, but I'm getting it done.I now have a new hangout.12:35 wouldn't white just play exd5.Grabe ang heavy 2x watched this today just for shar.

So now you can make all of these you want, using this to to make more machines build time in half.Bf1 an option, instead of exchanging the queens?Live 3 blocks from a True Value.Please accept my challange.36:26 did Hikaru missed the king and queen fork with the knight?Moe sargi the nutcracker was above your head while youwere in the tunnle.

Borotrey 16

I’m literally TERRIFIED of furbies

David Salayon

idol ang batang ito...MAY FUTURE KA KID..

Peter Kelley

... and in the end the 3rd grader is still puzzled.

Boy Rinding

Awas HARAM kata pak UAS!

Brian McCune

I love that pocket hole jig with the clamp system and dust removal. What brand is that?


Bonnie and Clyde are the bestt


Is titanium is harder than steel???


Me: frenchMy recommended: cooking pancakes in koreanMe: Me: (still watches it anyway)

Rodrigo Salazar

Un gran trabajo, felicidades y gracias por compartir con generosidad sus conocimientos...un gran abrazo....Saludos desde Rancagua - Chile

Anton Dissent

3:30 Can someone explain why taking the bishop is bad ?

Gabby Garcia

everyones talking about how loki shagged a horse but no one is talking about how literal gods tricked someone for free labour


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