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#TheMentalist 5.10 - It's my puzzle!

That is elegant!Thank you jerry (o: you are the best D.Hi,very good,where are u from chris?

Getting sixth in this global event is very good and we will win next time.Did the research so y'all dont have to- neither model supports charging over usb-c.You are great sir, ::where there is life there is hope -professor STEPHEN HAWKING.

That doesn't work.He avoided responding to Trump's claim.Has that even been done before?Im dying to know.Mac is still elitist overpriced outdated junk.:) Probably is the best Chess Channel of YouTube.The breath on ur mic.Second, we offered the parents, siblings, older kids, leaders, and others the opportunity to race in an open class.Quero ver fazer isso no Angelim Pedra.I remember that, I ve placed a bet on you and won 60$.

Does it means that Carlsen is the adopter

Does it means that Carlsen is the adopter

Notice the hoodie matches?You made me realize that I'm worth something in this life no matter what anyone says.Nick would be highly prized by the waterborne folk in the America's several centuries ago.What was going on in the end.It’s leap day this year.This game literally gave me chills!Otherwise a sweet vid!Magnus rarely squander such endgames.I knew a nice Girl, but the Giants diverged.When she asked if a real person stays in the house, it sounds like maybe at 34:34.

2 for so long and the only one technically capable to beat Carlsen, while Nakamura loses against Carlsen regularly.These are true legends,but wait where is fischer.Thesystem pushes society towards an edge and get all their energy for it self.Or excellent reader of move list in description.Sallim kumar is the best comedian.

What is the name and

What is the name and

Very happy that you make money wood working.Nc6 developing with tempo and in next move 6.Thankyou - You were very clear and made it easy to learn.This mix sent my dog to sleep.Philips was designed to slip as the head of the drill was on some kind of spring and Philips has its walls at angle.I can advice all to get Lucas Chess is free program and you can practice tactics and pawns endings and mates.

From where did you learnt java.Real ninjas don't wear all blacks or masks (or bloody red headbands), that attracts way too much attention.The idea of working with the least stimulation posible, quiet, and also conected with nature in some sense is my takeway.Can't deal with that voice.If i can't plz provide me the link of this game.

Yarn ma var deniycem.

Yarn ma var deniycem.

Great I loved it!The Octopus Knight.The knight needs four moves to go there which qill not be enough.You will have to extend your workshop now his and her tools - brilliant.Darwin famous tree of life in the evolution process lacks the main fountain of information,that provides continuation of directionfrom inception to end.I couldn't find strata sphere on Vat19.Made it in a 6inch cake tin.

The Gavel is soundgavel


Igor Dragushhak

a=[]for i in range(12):a.append('Black')for i in range(12):a.append('White')import randompair=0notpair=0for i in range(1000000):temp1=random.choice(a)if temp1=='Black':temp2=random.choice(a[1:len(a)])else:temp2=random.choice(a[0:len(a)-1])if temp1==temp2:pair=1else:notpair=1print('pair = 'str(100pair/(pairnotpair))'%')print('notpair = 'str(100notpair/(pairnotpair))'%')Output:pair = 47.8093%notpair = 52.1907%

Casey Urquhart

wow that anvil has seen some shit

James Shimota


Ellis McPickle

Kd7 made me laugh out loud.

Stu Blair

Linus I found 0.34 penciled on the back of an 3.4GHz i7 iMac CPU heatsink/heat-pipe. I also thought it strange., so much so that I had to photograph it. Also,the penmanshipis much better than my own.

Big Joe

This is nothing.Max can win in less than ten moves against everyone.

6 fth

Also, can we get the names/authors of the puzzles?

grant davies

played at schoolbut still watch the best

Bala Da Baller

thanks for the video it is hard to find great material on the Nimzowitch these days


Imma go to the royal palace and scream there for the throne.I am direct descendant anyway....


I don't understand 55..Rf6. Seems idiotic to voluntarily pin your Rook

Georgios Rinakakis

i am sorry to say, but this time i think that you just get bored.. I am not a mechanic or do restorations.. but i think this could be better. Keep it up!

Noah Messmer

Parham probably thought in the end that Qd5 was possible because of stalemates and if Kh8 Qh5 Kg8 Qd5 was a draw? xD

Matteo Capozucca

First time I get the right move during those couple of seconds :D

Salehin Kibria

the distinction between minimum vertex cover and minimum vertex cover 1 cases seems simple enough. We must simply determine if any part of the minimum vertex cover is connected to more than one vertex outside the minimum cover. if so, it is a minimum vertex cover 1 case, else minimum vertex cover case.


It is not the worlds biggest prime number. It is the biggest known one.


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