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#TheMentalist 5.6 - Tell me.. What are you wearing?

Sir Is Gambit Ko Avoid karne k lie Simple Development move kar sakte hai after a3We can play KnightF6And Plz Reply Of My Comment On Your Hindi Chess Channel.Relate aq tlga story n ito aq din bunso lahat kapatid todo selos nila s akin dahil aq din nag sisikap sa pag aaral.(IMO) Re: division, in general.26:34 26:41look at his face lol.Having to swap back and forth between twitch and here to see her reaction is tough!Gata is now my favorite Chess Banter Blitzer!Ollie705 I also thought of Ra7 but how shouldwhite continue afterwards?Thanks to you and everyone that take the time to post these great videos with down to earth commentary.

Tal is the name of an Israeli

Tal is the name of an Israeli

" for hours adn doesnt send me the list.You da man Sean!Thanks for the video!I ACIdently invented it a fouw munths a go.A Fokker WOLF 190, are you SERIOUS, it was a FOCKE WULF 190, w is pronounced as a V, i would GIVE UP narrating if iwere you as your pronounciating of loads of woerd is TERRIBLE.If so, we have to have a video about that project!

Wouldn't be surprised if his beer has 0% alcohol.Long time math for me, but I don't follow how to get to the equation E(5) 1 (12)E(6) (12)E(5)Where come the number one(1) from?Even for a woman.Wow, what a gorgeous clock.13 year old Magnus would've adopted Fischer in his prime, and you know I'm not trolling.Good work very nice.Excellent debate, very strong arguments and clear interpellation.Accordingly, demons guarded sacred places or the gates to the netherworld.Where can I download this?I can easily decompose a four- or even a five-note chord into separate notes - does this mean that my brain actually performs all these fourier transforms?

I hope Noj starts

I hope Noj starts

Hikaru, make a match with GM krikor from Brasil.Length i) Line That Unity Shows As An Error :(.Because if it burned it would be toxic.Name every number.13:46 manichettan.

John hates liars but

John hates liars but

The game against Karjakin 2019 Wijk (?Navara basically steamrolled Vidit.Did you know this isn't even Karpov's final form?But if youare using those square roots for equation then you have to apply both sides na.Love the 70’s porn background music.Comentarista: Para cuando Goycochea?Ab to koi bhi ye nahi chalega.

Do it on melamine not on

Do it on melamine not on

I went to coma.Mikhail Fischer vs.Ng5 from white and u are big trouble.Yes, the old Victrolas can play surprisingly loud.I remember a V2000 tape transport mechanism was used in the rear cockpit.Just an alternate way for your viewers.It makes me sad when you my friend Moe something happens to you be careful ok I feel the same way for your friends too I’m so sorry Moe please be extremely careful.You are amazing bro.Well soon after he bought my radio on credit, he was transferred down to a lower unit, out in the bush, and it took me till the day I left to get the money out of the idiot.Are you going to make a tome of water?

The one that didn't go through was aborted by his opponent.Galing nung batang cenon kamuka nya nga hahaha.The corruption going on with power being handed around like a torch, with lies coming from those who have more advantage, the clear boundary between the rich and poor, and people being determined by their education, status, money, and race instead of who they actually are as a human being and being treated like one.If you want to build low level applications(game engines, device drives, graphics APIs, even an OS or kernel), I will go with C or C.Ben Finegold is the Rick Sanchez of chess.Queen takes bishop and followed byRh8 and Kg5.Now I want to make furniture.I save my saw dust from my scroll saw work and use it and glue to make a paste and dab a bit on the hole, let it dry and it blends in to the natural look of the wood.McColanis Thanks for such a nice compliment.

Phils Rellon

I Think naka will win the championship bcuz magnus not playing

Hello There

So I have to watch ads to watch an ad. Huh

jerome Maiquez

Pota naman bakit 3 nalang First ni diggie ano bayan ml dapat 5

Master XD

Someone gives me the game with a5 h5?

Troy Musni

Watching this made me feel like I have cancer

Raymond Foster

Scared me when you went all Foamy the Squirrel. :D

Keme Dora

Inspiring :')

Jeff Wagnon

What brand is your cnc router?

ramil gabs

Galing nito nakasama koto kanina


i'm fascinated by all the woodwork videos, but damn that's quite expensive hobby to have. Worst part is: It requires some kind of workshop :/

J Thomas

An extra slice of pizza will make your body vise a little better. Awesome. This guy is pro.

Jae Ajh

Ow ow owww oowwwww.... Keren banget brooo video tutorial catur nya






amazing <3 !

Hitesh Patel


Ex-Born Again

I can make an enigma is the decoding part which is difficult.

Dr. Sucuk

he looks a little like the kid from star. wars i forget the nameanakin?

Com Truise

I come for the chess. I stay to see a grown man insult children for 48 minutes.

Xavier Robinson

32:27 why not d8=Q?

Aaron Ogg

Americas Got Talent

Patrick PK

that is really sweet, should soup up the base tho

Walter Wolf

Greatest Chess Player Ever. Period.

Randy Miller

Title: Which Way Is Down?Me: Ok I'm listening.Vsauce: LeTs tUrN ThE SuN InTo a bLaCk hOlEMe: What was I watching again?

gruu baa

i love how he keeps saying "sjurigov" xD

Wes Mischke

That poor castle nut


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