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The Most Amazing Moments in Combat Sports EVER!

My pi3 lab is much more powerful.Why does he ask a question, and then answer the question for himself?3:10 why didn’t you move your queen out of the way from the black knight.

It's informative, aesthetic, and JC's demonstration is full of direct, clear, precise, and very informative detail.How much would you charge for in-person lessons?One does not simply insult glee-dont stop believing.Anh lam nhieu clip hon nhe.Rook for bishop.

Try to challenge Chinese people bro.Great job, Eric!I respect this GUY Igsaan.Her voice makes me envy the deaf.However, once night time comes aruond you can't see, and all the predators come out.What’s intriguing to me is a format from the 1940s is having a renaissance boom now, so really it’s the only format (technology )that has successfully survived nearly 70 years.There is a kind of mind rapture i get from watching his games.

81 moves against

81 moves against

Very enjoyable thank you.Actually there are some terrific games from the 1992 match, in particular game 11 featuring a fantastic wing gambit."Bring that to me" v "Take that to him".That's the queen!Love the commentator :D.

This must be what is played in

This must be what is played in

Well, every text book that we read, is wrong.The 8 and the 10 year old play chess while the 9 year old plays Minecraft.I've been waiting my whole life for a ten hour video of this :'D :'D.03:47Still theory.Sir you are greatest mathematics teacher for me.And I missed it here!"Now what thatgotto do with the price from eggs.There's something about this opening that I love.

I start learning JS in depth from React - what a weird learning curve lol :D.Please say me what oil you use to finish ?Frank said he was making gluten free onion rings but then added beer to the batter."this type of puzzle requires two important things".Why they're doing this.Hey, does anyone know how to make the player lose health when colliding with an object?Too many go and come back, go and come back.Crazy on You - Heart.When i smoke a Joint big as me, this is the lighter i use.

What cellphone is used in video ?At 5:29 why not just Qc4, after that it's checkmate in at most 4 moves right?Wow, this was some of the most entertaining chess I've ever seen.Jhibbitt1 Voldemort form 4-7 looked like a clown, nothing like the books, Fiennes voice and face was perfect but the make up and the eyes looked so stupid!Everything from entirely unstable work surfaces to totally endangering the baby.I would like to know what are the reasons people gave this video a thumb-down.This music is the best method for left the real life and went to a space of peace and armony.Can you guys do a vs.Due to size limitations in my garage, I am only capable of doing small projects.I practice till my fingers bleed for the ukelele.

Apdalah Ahmaad


I will LOVE to see youback at NIGHTTIME Bro..


Technology and automation is changing the way we see work -Andrew Yang

Joseph Ierfino

Final question the shopkeeper lost $1200He lost $200 for the bag that he eventually got nothing for. He had to give the other shopkeeper $1000 for the fake note. 2001000= 1200

Alarec Scarbrow

Clickbait. --

K22 channel

Romantic time of Chess.. Anderssen

Alibek Zhussip


Fred Scott

Beautiful work.




Very nice , thank you for uploading

Hawa Nafsu


geo pin

Gotta get them zits out ehh!!

Rita Wanjiku

This guy is a slow talker which is great,but it amazes me how he uses his strength to analyse a fast paced bullet game with precision. Much respect.


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