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The Most Ridiculous Chess Game You'll Ever See

Check out Levar Kizer on YouTube chess master rap.Kung pinupush nya isang poon.Good I also made it keep it up!No way, this game had to be fixed - he spent way too much time thinking about that move and then didn't mate?If you don't act like a moron you don't get help.Oh, no big deal, just a few sacs to decimate the kings protection so I can march a few pawns to victory.Depressed that I'm not as healthy as I used to be, back when I'm a kid.

I didn’t know where to find

I didn’t know where to find

9:21 M n tt chiu bt HU.What's the smallest number?When I saw your name on everything I thought, "wtf is wrong with this guy?You just take hooks away by exchanging couple pieces and then grind it down.Entire piece is great.But I am sorry about hearing your wife is nagging about electric bill).

I thought it was going too be

I thought it was going too be

Not only did i learn a lot from this but this guy was funny as hell.Stay safe with your family.This gave you the measure of the inlays length and width.I live in Kentucky, work with Barn Wood alot, real forgiving, basic, rustic, crafty, easy to find just ride around the country rodes look for old barns that have fallen down, talk to the farmers they'll be happy to give you a whole barn, just to move it.It looks pretty and delicious.

Everyone, in one way or another,

Everyone, in one way or another,

What if you put i in the riemann zeta function?I wonder if there are any less pathological exampels.I tried the candle one at home and burned my house down.It's very simple, yet it does the job very well.Is that Tal in the back round in the black and white pic.

This game was so absorbing, I forgot

This game was so absorbing, I forgot

While I was serving as an apprentice I was learning Classical Guitar from my teacher, who's teacher was Andrea Segovia. At this point, I can give specific directions as to how to complete this, once you have done multiples of duplicating hte first 2A and 1B squares.Did you know that I am an ICC member?You can also add the digits together and what group of three the sum is in determines the position, so 1 2 and 3 are the top 3, 4 5 and 6 are the middle 3, and 7 8 and 9 are the bottom 3.You are the best!I was in st George Utah yay.

Man, the truth hurts!

Man, the truth hurts!

Child labor laws aside, i wish i could afford that equiptment.How was it that Saruman pulled these Uruk-hai from the ground?Hahahah he is just oustandig person he made a lot of jokes the oponnet is 3000 reated plaeyrthanks yaar.Ivanchuk is extraordinary player.Just an observation,if he had a perfect tournament he would have gotten 285 and won.Yasser, I love the the video, thank you.I would be so tempted to slap a Linux distro on this machine for surfing, email etc.He doesn't use sawhorses in a video on how to MAKE sawhorses.Dude the 8 year old literally blundered every piece he had xD.Is it food safe with the epoxy coating?

Made By Marylou

Dope!! The design detail on the front


Si hablas ellos ollen

Dark Master 666

Watching deep learning bots is like watching naruto learn rasenshuriken

Nene zombi

Viva minecraft ostia

Shashank Johari

Feminists will not agree with this


Thermfried turkey

Akoini Apollo

Idol pokwang the best ka talaga mapa comedy man o horror o drama the best talaga

Josh Golden

I also died matProj....quite customary, comedy gold.

Liam Hopkins

I 8 sum pi.. and it was delicious!

Palhac,o Polito


kimsar Gaming

Lods yakapan tayo


Let's beat up on some 1600 players

shashi bhushan tiwari

Nice video

Marlon Murillo Meza

Mi pap me oblig a ver esto

gordon gibson

All that for a 10 dollar cue

Jonathan Faleri

why are all of these chess sets...

Gavin McBlain

Thanks for sharing!

Patrick Sanguer Vlogs

Sana all, ilang years akong nangungulila sa ama na hanggang ngayon nag hihintay pa din ako na makita sya pero sana dumating na yung araw na mag kita na kami

Gerard Tyrrell

Loverly speaker, shame about the musak.


hi toggi

Talisa YupThatsMe

I've Seen Bodies before, But Nothin Like This.

Lucien Tjin Asjoe

Add leg instead of Wheel's put AI and 5 G to the autonomous legs and put feet that mimic a chicken so it can't stuck when pull up with sensors under the feets Add also to AI then steer it

Mili Aurora

He is calculating all of these stuff just by imaging the position in his mind?? Without even having the board position in front of his eyes!!!!!???? That's insane man!!!!

Outta Bubblegum

How dafuq does somebody give thumbs down to this??

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