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Just one game each.Gloriously funny.How to win a match with a rook and a knight.

Great video and funny too!Wow, I got so much out of this.Orthe king and queen would be confusing ok?Do you have an etsy shop?At 5:07 why not Rxe5?So, zero attempts.

You have inspired me!I've seen the game, but never in this depth.Cestitam na uspjehu ljudino, poz iz Bosne, humble man :).Hats off to the author.The soon to be the next champion of the world, ladies and gentleman!You would need a considerable amount of play between the frame and the board to allow that.Awesome video, especially as I am a weak endgame player, but 1 mistake knight can check king in 3 moves not 4.Btw, You wouldn’t know Ramanujan’s name today if he had a degree or PhD back then.Later onAnd here we see a ber noice move played by Magnus.

That might happen to be true, but it's not inherent in the ELO rating system.Thank you for the video.The GOAT of investing!Your intro is cancer.Click on the minute mark to go straight to the spot in the video.What is the remedy?Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice.Great table but i do not think that i would have the time to make it.Called under every function or code?I did it and it says im a professionals :D i dont think so.

What happened to the R on the nerdforge sign?So you can just skip these vids if you're already an accomplished chess player.Now this dee-five-square-you-can't-take-pawn-moves-back.Sacrifice is the key to success.Bang saya suka main catur lawan bapa2 saya kalah terudlalu saya pake cara abang langsubg mebabg.This will stop any binding as the wood has some where to go.We would run out of oil in no time.I love the silence in the video.Most of these moves are just easy tactics.It looks like there is a small animal living inside of it, crated up for shipping.

How are they not

How are they not

I love playing the evans gambit whenever I feel risky or just wanna have some fun.If it can be true then why did the scientists use rockets to go to moon they would have used paper if it was possible.First video i saw from you.I'd love to hear more about it.This should be taught in schools from a young age.Btw ten hours this is sweet!Your lecture was so in tune about Winning.Back to the GOOD STUFF.If you play speed chess with that, you would probably damage it.

Very beautiful piece, thank you for showing

Very beautiful piece, thank you for showing

This video made me want to homebrew my 2dsso i did.Kingscrusher’s analysis is much better and informative.6:33 the part where he says black has 4 units, does that mean pieces that are on the board past the seventh rank?Never saw anyone do that before.Don’t know why they would let an overweight person on a space ship with a space suit.I really must get out more.I don't think it's a good opening at all.If i had the tools, and a workshop and the materials.

Samuel Dickenson

vlassss seems to be one of those vulgar chess players I just don't like. Check his comments at the beginning and end of the tourney.

Sprink Hole

Much of this video seems wrong...

tristan flodin

I think the bongclound guy was trying to lose fast so he can play more games


Bloody marvelous indeed! 


I like my pin nailer.Hey, I like that drop down cabinet bench...


The hand made flour tortillas from chihuahua mexico, are the best!!!!! Im still making!!!! Viva chihuahua!!!! Mmmmmm, mmmmmm........

Y Logic Machine

Money! Money!!

Azraei Halim

Can someone explain to me why semiconductor manufacture work cloths was like in ncov quarantine center?

drawing with Talus

Any one else notice the monster check for black at 1:03 for the next 20 seconds or so


juanda292 If you mean Nf2, that just loses the knight to Rxf2.

Rosa Ortiz



awesome seen all moves :D


Map of NEPAL

Deepak S.m.

16:49 You should make them clickable...


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