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There are battles and there are EPIC battles | Schlechter vs Marshall: Monte Carlo 1903

Good stuff mate.And then, Karpov would have been at the same time the ONLY winner of this memorable competition!You mentioned poor mouse control hindering your online blitz.That there is one proud cheek buster.:-P42 times, the paper is 0.This video hurt my brain.JERRYYY REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEI love when jerry uploads !Thanks for sharing.

Bxe5) be explained?I am guessing that some of us will agree and some disagree with those reasons, and that is cool so long as any disagreement is respectful.But there will be no surface.As you enter the end game, if you have a material advantage then exchanges will amplify that.The ex tells me not to buy presents for the kids because I'm tight on money.Wait, it’s because I did.

Yours is one of the very few YT

Yours is one of the very few YT

Desplat is an excellent composer, nobody can doubt that, but you seem to be listening to the same soundtrack either in Harry Potter, The King's Speech, The Grand Budapest Hotel or even Godzilla.You have an exceptional teaching skills.When 8:05 white can do a fork Nc3.Just order a Heather Grey Premium Pullover Hoodie for my girlfriend after watching this video before it gets too late and now thanks to you I might have more idea of what to do with my resin trashes :p Thanks and good job on that potion, it looks awesome 3 Also a good tip I use for my molds of resin is any type of material with Tape on it (resin doesn't stick to tape (like transparent package tape)) Goood luck and come back quick for the following trash beauties :p.At 13:35, Black can easily play Nd8 instead of Kd8.Love it Love your enthusiasm.G7 is a weak square for black.

Your suggested defense (.You need to take out all of the music.I jumped and got this one after watching your review.About time YouTube, been looking for this for awhile.If only you'd been my shop teacher in uni, I wouldn't have dropped the class in the first week.

At 7:00 why

At 7:00 why

This was just like.Id rather watch logan pual.3) People will turn into mass consumers, they will buy supplies like never before and spend and spend till all their money runs out.7) Then scrifice your rook by moving it to f7.The best ones, you guessed it, fill 74% of the space :).This guy is a genius.The other 2 were reel to reel tape and LP vinyl.

(though confession is

(though confession is

I keep seeing this in my head every time I hear about people taking personal responsibility for their hygiene.I feel stronger at chess already.If linux then archlinux up to date packages with 0 compiling pacman package managers.Ridiculously unprofessional and disrespectful.What was the step that lead to checkmate if tje king go to f2?It’s so adorable!Another cheaper alternative to glass in windows was oiled paper.

I literally cheer up when I find a new video of Peter playing banterblitz was uploaded.What's inside a rubber band ball Umm rubbeeerr bandds Yea you've won a million for this studpid answer.A bolt through a washer into the axle will keep the clamp from dropping off, or just make some kind of attachment like in an electric motor where the connection slides on the rotor (that would be your axle).Love the dog pun !Wish i could go to Hogwart's so i can mess arund and make my ANNOYING ass brother float.Also the Bb4 variation that you discuss, if black plays Bd6 white need not castle and lose time,he can directly go for e5!Itu pake aplikasi apa bang caturnya?And7:32 Carlsen like pfff I saw it.For me that remains the most beautiful game.


U need to get cameras in almost every room so u can see what happens when ur gone


I would get us all eaten

Blackturn lp

Wath are Compiler are you use ?


Just buy a radial arm saw and be done with it.Chuck those other bad ideas.

David Homer

You never said how far you can move the sticks so no wonder it's hard for people

Fritz Vold

PHOTO CHALLENGE (WARNING: SPOILERS).From the 1907 Karlsbad (now Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic) International Tournament the group photo was annotated in the Karl Schlechter Biography by Warren Goldman (c.1994, Caissa).Seated L-R: Rubinstein, Marco, Fahndrich, Tchigorin, Schlechter, Hoffer, Tietz, Maroczy, Janowski, Neustadt, Drobny,and Marshall (far right).Standing L-R: Nimzovich, Wolf, Mieses, Cohn, Leonhardt, Salwe, Vidmar, Berger, Spielmann, unknown onlooker,Dus-Chotimirsky, Tartakover (with black fedora hat), and Olland. SUPER CHALLENGE: identity of three onlookers standing on the raised patio to the right rear.

Kaemi the Nightmare

Plagiat. Fake.

Cristian Compagno

you guys ever read how bad the amazon reviews for manscaped are?

sangram singh

how about a smile susan?

Gaurav Arya

Hi, Thanks for uploading this wonderful series. It is really helping me to understand the details of java, the thought process behind building a game. Thank you for designing it in oops way and keeping the immutability in mind wherever possible. I liked the reference of "Thinking of Java" book, Immutability.copyOf(), builder design pattern etc. I am particularly impressed to see the good coding techniques which you have adopted throughout. I subscribed the channel seeing the first video of yours and is in absolutely love with your series. I have completed about 20 at the moment.

Albert Kelly

pretty rough tbh, not sure i would have published. points for trying though

Parul Tyagi

Very very very beautiful

Austin Youngerman

3:50 White could've punished with Bxd4, taking a free bishop!

Tony Makaroni

All of the killers have this look.... I bet you can predict with high accuracy which people are potential killers

The tattooed fisherman

Nothing beat hand made and you sir have made some stunning workshop furniture the quality and detail in the work you do inspires me to put the same effort into my work I suffer from multiple serious mental health issues and your channel show me that if you put the time and effort in anything is possible God bless you and thank you for keeping my mind busy big hello from London uk

Jahre Mark Toledo

Fino herrera

Jack Tu

That kid in the background need to let him focus lol


18:23Magnus loses his Queen gives up his Queen to Arka50, a top-notch bullet GM.See what happens.

Amazing Ethan Levinson

Random Person: Hey Dan, have you seen my atm anywhere? I’ve been looking for it for 8 and a half months.Dan: Uhhhhhh no?Random Person: sees videoRandom Person: GaspThis what would happen if that April fools call wasn’t in the video

James Latham

I don’t understand. What is this thing an ouns. Is this what you are saying?


I thought he fell hahahaha


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