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The Scotch Game - Chess Openings Explained

Next to pluto is goofy.Is vanilla essence important?Very interesting.Nice videos, but your boring long talk about squarespace destroys it.When I was 10 I thought they gay.Jealousy is a BITCH!Watch the video and bought lots of merch.The salt trick and the little nail trick are perfect solutions to problems I've had in the past.

Time and effort in the

Time and effort in the

The signal must be cut off at the source.Every time to laid a tool down or tapped the table, the audio picked it up and overlaid your voice.3 Taking an intro to the IDE in my college, and it is refreshing to see different ways to code something, ).This would also be winning as well.Lots of respect to Karpov, it will be a tremendous loss when he goes.Bre amna godumun neden o tarafn kullanyon.Looks like a high-end piece.I’m located in Dallas, Texas.The limited space in my garage, where I had to move cars out to play, push me to decide on the festool track saw.

Ohh noo BuddyI'm crying right now.The fact that this is like.You can by the way turn on a dark mode.May seem inappropriate but you always kind of look and sound high and the first match of the tournament you were ranked 420.Thanks for the lesson my friend.You deserve a million subs.Anna stock market medha video chaye anna.If you can co troll the spinning so that it matches the shutter speed of the camera.Bro Carlsen is like some Italian boss mafia guy with that hand move and Dubov looks like some underground russian debt collector.Yorktown literally protected by Plot Armor.

It’s always the one Indian guy that

It’s always the one Indian guy that

Any finish on the door of any sort?Thank you for explaining FFT so well.What a waste of good trees.We, as a society, must be held accountable too. You are a superb chess ambassador.7:19 that calculator of yours is faulty.Cheers from Western Australia.

Mike Tison

BETTER NOT RETIRE LINUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...JS.

Tiffy Lockhart

Hi Insection, lagi ka binibida sakin ng 10yrs old na kapatid ko. Idol na idol ka niya. Lahat ng hero ginagamit mo tinatry niya rin gamitin. Pa Shoutout naman siya minsan sa video mo hehe. Thom ang name nya, I'm sure matutuwa un. More power to your channel. Subscribed already. God bless you!

myself Jamal

Whaou!!! A great work, of course I liked this video ans subscribed this channel. Thank you

Muhammad Hafiz

Iwaw jago banget


Wood is better.


I love how many Agad fans are in the comments. Who would have guessed that some random dude with a dog from the Balkans would become the most popular commentator in chess history?

Eli Amor

i could really do without the corny white humor and just getting straight to the actual puzzles

Gustavo Castilho

31:09White don't have knight takes e4 here?


Does stale-mate count as a draw?

Felipe Jhony

In this game, what if after move 14 c7, black replies with e5?

Nightcore Craft

You got all of my suit but not number

Barristan Selmy



nice tactical game but this is in no way game of the century. white just had an intuition and went with it. and black by no means played the best line. to me Kxd5 makes little sense from a positional POV since you're removing a key defender from the kingside where the attack is happening.

Bobby Worrell

thanks very much, you are funny and quite entertaining at this

Kaitlyn Wright

Sewing a pair of pants without a sewing pattern. Of course, they need to have an elastic waistband, and pockets.



A. Thaha K. Abubaker



Who else is here from the Worlds fastest chess match.

Mr. Nice Man

23:02 jeez savage lol

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