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The Secrets of Strong Players

Its exspectacular.The other guy is saying which piece to move even if magnus sees a better move he plays the piece called instead.I kinda like it actually.Maybe I need to be more intuitive.Made it to 6:52:36This has been my entertainment for a few days.

Magnus should quit chess and figure out cold fusion or cure cancer or something.This guy whole family should be lock up in mental hospital.Thx 4 puting all this content down for me and others :P.A musician during his youth he became an alchemist.Goos luck out there!Gets you high all by itself lmao.

Bad teaching and bad programming habits.

Bad teaching and bad programming habits.

23:05 is it just me that hears Elle King?How did you know it was him before he played anything?SHELDON COOPER CONFIRMED.Then I watched the solution.O verdadeiro show comea aqui me ipnotsei.Those savants about knowing dates on what days are fuckin bricking it rn.It should now work as expected.Instructor was useless too.Somebody has Shankland for a last name.

Fischer had a winning position when adjourning.Or are sorting algorithms mad sick.I think saying new game as a move 11 it's not enough.Nothing celebrates birthdays moar than a birthday cake decorated with bodies.Ned being sexy made me feel weird lol.I don't know why but i kinda like the level 2 recepies better, they just kinda look more appetizing.Fat guy:Hugs warriorWarrior:Ahh!1:10:55 Agadmator means "player".How about Toram Online.Great father,he did everything with his son!

Wie immer Kunst trifft Handwerk.The Queens are sooooo cruel.These tests are just to pressure people into confessing not to Actually know if someones lying.Shame on the coughers!I dont really learned factorial in the school, i learned factorial with you and i think my teacher gives me 100 point to 100 at this unit.What a many add!Anyone who drank "fresh" water was rife with them.You should build some shoji screen panels with the overlapping weave pattern finger joints.



Awsome job man, you truelly make an art seem easy.I make and sell "coffee table" boxes at some noteworthy galleries and I cut a lot of dovetails.I was gifted a Yaesu FRG-7700 and all it needed was some attention to the power switch and a good clean!I really liked how you explained the whole game, I learned a ton from this game.It requires a bit of humility to realize that all Grandmasters don't get there on their own.Lovely lovely play.


If I were you, I’d be spending a LOT more time in the Czech Republic 2:06

I Lakshmi

Qf6 ,knight captures f7 ,Nf6 ,Kd8 ,knight captures f7

Joseph Packard

Oh lookA jack in a hat

Idris Said

Your science is far behind ancient Alchemy. Who says humans began in Africa? DNA tracks can bring you to many directions. Is this the state of mind of advanced science? I am scientist. When I die, my science is no use to me. The two kingpins of science - Big Bang Theory and Theory of Evolution, are just theories. I want no theories. I want you to show me the REAL stuff.

Nyxxon Music

your voice is fucking awesome to listen to start a podcast already


I didn't start watching yet and I'm gonna guess its the Chi-squared curve

Tom Nikolaisen

I sometimes speed up videos on youtube. Not here...


Stop. Saying. Position.

Nikolas Alexandre

Oh my god Ben. I have been watching your videos for a while now but the's starting to grow on me.

Its Tomo

Puzzle me buzzle


Pask could make a dog house out of popsicle sticks and I would still watch it. Hands down, one of the best woodworking channels on the web.

Simbarashe W. Mwansa

How to teach 101

Trinity Robbins

Me:mom I broke my phone mom:what how me:BC I smashed that like button mom:seriously

Excel roos

Otak udang

Kim Longley

That was cool, kept me watching the whole way thru!


At 23 black, Why move the kn at al? If withe want his attack going he have to move his d-kn to go to f2 and after that black can put his kn on c3. Instead black can play Qf8 on move 23.  


This game played so slow on the Amiga and NES. Still my favorite chess game though.




Love how he simulates he's reading the chat

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