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Just one quick correction: That's not a mustard bottle.OMG both are divine.Maybe for serving food or fruits?5) MTURK - That word always reminds me of a turkish slaveboy doing captcha solving.

Real and beautiful passion.

Real and beautiful passion.

Link 2will be waiting for these gamesThanksPlease analyze all the lines they are talking about in both the games as I am understanding very little what they are talking about.Wizards chess has gone virtual realityAmazing.He swore vengeance against parks.In the asymmetry of the shelves' supports.If you can't win the game, change the rules.Like what do you do from there idk im not good at chess.That should’ve been math whopping Beasley ass for trying to set math up with them Cali niggas T.A joy to watch, Wonderful Mate.What would have happened if at 2:05 the White Horse (E4) moved to D6?- "I'm sorry to my oponent" is around 1:30:00 :), game against an 1800, berserking, flagged the oponent 0,3s before his own flag would fall and last but not least after 3 moves ( 6 plys) noticed that earlier hang a bishop.

Jakboy made a fool of himself,

Jakboy made a fool of himself,

Get this guy his own TV show discussing mysteries that we never hear about that get swept under the rug.This old Tony when is part 2 coming?Not unless you want to speak it on a primitive level, but that I don't call a "learned language".What a fantastic piece of music!Correction: at 4:24 -  Dennis Ritchie was the co-creator of Unix, not Linux.For any people wondering why maurice said how can he be that lucky.Forking the rooks, white can defend but i think it will end up with black's rook on the seventh rank.Halfway through I thought, "I bet I can add a dust collection system to it when it's done".Nice lecture jerry :) Well done :) nice pop quizzes.If the inversion is not defined in the center then how can you say that the inversion of a line is a circle passing through the center?

It's a good move please answer to my question.Some of these software are outdatednot-that-good and should not be used.I want to send a video how to send?"Whatever your plan is, life's a democracy and your enemy gets a vote.Can’t the rook immediately start taking pieces?Hi do you sale your print out.Once I'd finished one side I rotated it to fit the other side so that it was symmetrical, and connected at a4 a5, and h4 h5.Keep being amazing!Graciassss x compartir y dar secretos!


I could do it with 2 moves :/

Wil McGee

That guy loaded a bowl lol

frozen the fox

Is me

Daniel Medrano

Most of this video was very helpful and right. Its a shame she doesn't know what the Najdorf is. 

Diwakar Deep

is it happens only to me that my opponents never play according to the above mentioned moves so that I can trap them!!!

Heavenly Fusion Guitars

Great guys, gave this instantly a like.

Beau Long


Max Middleton976

I Had Stickball, But...Broke It...Whoops

Richard Smout why make a chain from chalk


4:48 CA-RA-LHO

Cheez-It Games

Why not play 4 player chess?


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