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The Senile Scribbles: Skyrim Parody - FULL SERIES

Dude that ain't 5 moves!I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest.Not really a traditional tanto.Or just curse me with bad health and sickness."There are seven doors in a lion.Lmao when they were beginning the oujia board ritual instead of being scared it literally felt like the tingly ASMR feeling XD.It was a freebie.What does it mean to adopt someone by playing them?

I just keep a packet or two in my jars of biscuits.A diamond of a job.As nobody that inhabits or visits my cave knows what the hell a nixie tube is, I'm quite safe from being exposed for this heinous fraud.I've seen some other tutorials from different person and it is quite complex even in to start it.Imagine all the people with OCD who work on these ships.

Kid isn't only playing

Kid isn't only playing

What kind of wood was that ?It would be funny to watch carlsen flip over a monopoly board.Ben: what kind of excuse is that?It comes with a frog, depth and lateral adjustment, just like a normal Bailey hand plane, but it lacks the frog adjustment screw for the mouth opening, just like the very old Stanley planes.Experience in many shops with varying degrees of attention to proper maintenance quickly teaches that this foundational alignment cannot be taken for granted.One day I'm gonna be like my favorite hero: Tas Mario.At least try to do some kind of effort in video production, or don’t bother at all.I also got Kf3 followed by f1Q followed by Qg2.How is a number converted from one base system to another?

The way it is now, the

The way it is now, the

Imgot hooked instantly.You have a guaranteed watch from me every time.A hat for every brain cell.The piece "moves" to a square, it doesn't "come" to a square.I was shopping for water stones but was reluctant to purchase based on combination of cost and reviews.Kings are on wrong squares tho :.6 for 6 but only because Jerry is such a chess lad :).Together, we can restore the place that we all know and love.

Alice now knows Bob knows she

Alice now knows Bob knows she

I remember when you said, "If I keep on analyzing computer games, we will stop appreciating human games.K: YesJ: Keith is lying.Truly the essence of chess.That G is a subset of S follows, because mxa((m-a)x).11:20 and 5:44 - Hilarious.Man that trim bit has had a hard life!6:14 what about Nxg5?I have 2 questions.This is why I luv bishops and I have Neva seen them in action to this degree.11:20 the music is so relaxing.

I hope there will be English subtitle in

I hope there will be English subtitle in

Wow that music was terrible, please just have the machine sounds if you cant find better music.You can feel the way AlphaZero is working.Im always getting the same answer: 11.Any advice for someone wanting to do that?I'm sick of his luck, don't invite him for anything cuz it's waste of everybody time.

Demonstrating excess of money is irrational.It's very simple, you just needed to apply the moves of the the knights.That guy was super aggressiveand annoying.I'd just attach a GoPro to a pair of (sun)glasses.The legendary cornbread!HAHA Dude u r a genius.It is not important for you, agree?You should worry less about our guns, and more about that hairline.It don't matter cuz I'll buy me some mo' I can do dat.

Axns Manchu


Michael Ahn

Magnus Who?

Alexander Alex

Good king gambit defens

khuzaima bhatti

When hikaro picks up the pawn Carlsen position improves a great deal

Nd1d vore

3:57 injection lol

Nidhi Singh

18:43 how is that sum on distribution,it is division right ??....can someone explain

Jazz it up

Steve Jobs of 3d Printing.


Thank you for editing in the Darth Vader voice :D

Avren A

How about execute

Josh Blake

So, Ludo took the idea of this game.

Bernardo Patino

Could have that table to work left, or right.

Make Things

Loved the music that went with it.Really made it that much better.Great video!

Uli Schmidt

who else is now apart of the cone earth society

Watching E

son this is brooklyn you need to show your face from woodmere

Packo Hubu

Lol noob players

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