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The Skill of Humor | Andrew Tarvin | TEDxTAMU

The board size is awkward to view in mobile phones.Que hago mirando esto fumado?01 what happens if white goes rc2?Its sad some chess hustlers do that to tilt their opponent into concentrating more on his BS than the game and it's both dishonorable and a scumbag way to try to get an edge.Is Ayaan Kachwala your brother.First: JEB 45 JEC JEDNext:BED 45 - BEC 45 - CED - Once we figure that JED BEC, then 45 - (and also, obviously, 45 - ).Chucky the erratic genious, starting looks a bit like John McEnroe, but much more well behaved one.You look kinda like Jonah Hill.

Or even better yet, has Mr.Stl for that blue crystal pyramid?What did I miss?YOU WERENT KIDDING ABOUT THE SECOND ONE.Fischer made Paul benko to give his spot and.Usually just good enough to beat riff raff.

I didn't think you could castle after your king has been in check?71 million views.You should NOT be breathing that epoxy dust.Trial and error are the best teachers.I get more pleasure doing this stuff by hand with tools.I will be more awesome if you add some neon powder into those pieces.I know it is very strategically seen but I'd be very happy to get to know other ideas and arguments against or for this.But in a tournament, you would have lost the game by taking the king.Pls make a vedio for this.Great build by the way.

Should have been filmed live, and players would play to it.It all looks totally brand new with zero wear, deacked out with Festool everything.I am a woodworker.I think to accurately represent 4d space we need 3d displays, since we can represent 3d space in 2d displays but anything lower and we can’t represent a 3d space.It's a good and generous man who shares his tips with the rest of the world.The sheer symphony of moves in immortal tandem brings Tal alive on the board.This nigga Smack pissed.The knightmare position is hilarious, thanks for doing this Hikaru.

Ian LukeMitchell

1000 dollar chess set?1000 dollarsHoly sliced salami on a stick.That is so worth the money.

vish 1225

So how does one go about studying end games? Any good books?


Very impressive...Tal's move ko smjna its almost like toughest task

Scott Stanley

What are magnus and nepo laughing about?


thats awra

Bla bla TV

i xe h1


Top notch eh?LolA regular Liberace

Roosevelt Adalim

I cried

mike angel cortez

46:29 hahaha evil laughter.


Nice explanation! Good work.

Yasser Boudaoud

I love this openning

Malevolent TO

dude, no, you dont want quad chunk slime farm. I built one, and I had a full chest of slime blocks from fighting slimes be4 I was even finished with the farm...rendering it useless. Unless you plan on building a mansion with slime and a shop, just do a single chunk.

Kartikk Sharma

Thanks Sir for this dedication...

Chris Armstrong

Oops!The 29.5 degree angle shown at 13:41 should be between the top-slide axis and the cross-slide axis, not the top-slide axis and the lathe bed axis.

Isabelle Mccarthy

So he just hold the camera when he is supposed to be possessedfr u need better acting skills


10:15 that's why it was thinking, that taking with the e-pawn would have been better.. isn't this c pawn an opportunity to gain much space on the queenside? is it really worth allowing this for a pawn-chain?


science is so cool and fun

Steven Molina

Who won?

Professor Majyk

Chinese brawl. Gonna be lit

Rilum Osmanaj

Hello everyone! Hello Antonio! Welcome and Greetings from me! Rilum Osmanaj


Thanks Leo, really glad you liked it and I can't recommend this figurine enough or the rest of the chess line for that matter. Yeah the paint is really hit and miss but the sculpts more than make up for it. I'm like you and only collect the Superman related ones too and i'm happy to say I have every single one Eaglemoss has released with this and the previous DC Superheroes figurine line. Yeah I have the Mon-El figurine too and he's a pretty good sculpt. Thanks for watching my friend

Noorjahan Noorja


Dexter Moron

He was born yesterday

Kevin Bright

Your are a G. Hate the music though.


I am inspired by GM Maurice Ashley! However, I wonder who will be the first Black GM born and raised in America?

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