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The Spectrum Show EP91

And history is fascinating.List all your "cleaning" supplies please.See Nick Ferry's video, he calls it a "doorboard.

My question: do docs just kinda low key not care for them as well?Mikhail Tal has a great genius in playing chess.So about 2:45 in I saw that in my code s.Compared to this its very simple, seems to me.

Yhooooooooo this was amazing.

Yhooooooooo this was amazing.

Me: trips and falls downThe whole class: 4:00.I am also documenting it on yt right now, like a sort of video diary.THIS is the video that convinced me to join your Patreon.Respect and a big like.Thank you for sharing.Lost me when he said his daughter is going to school in Nicaragua.

That's such a great bit of

That's such a great bit of

Grand design, the electricity that courses through and all around us is the life force of the universe, and just like cells, plasma self organizes, hence the name coined by Irving Langmuir.Super video Jonathan.Ap possibility dalke.We're not nerds.Both Tal the world champ that prior year,best bobby 4-0 an spassky also beat bobby 4-0 but after 15 yrs old,He crsushed Tal strait and in Blitzgames.Hikaru rarely hangs a piece to trick his opponent in time scrambles.

Mental health services are shit.Thank you Simon!Euguene: Good at everything.His voice kinda reminded me of Walter Junior's.Complete winning.I know, my husband's workshop looks exactly like yours.I (for one) have the same thing on my mind pretty much the entire rest of the year.Hasme toda la base.This is simply because i know there is this crazy winning move to make and im able to calculate it.It means there is room for a creative 'wild card' to wedge there way into the world chess championship.

I guessed all Blunders correct,

I guessed all Blunders correct,

Thanks for sharing this lovely music.Thanks mate this is brilliant!I did 180 degrees Fahrenheit.You are a saint for doing punch down work.I'd say Shirovmade a gutsy move but it was more offensive than sacrifice or gutsy, remove your only worry from the board (double up pawns) and proceed with the unstoppable as he did.That was amazing to watch you turn the old amo box into a work of art!Humanities: do make something useful for humanityMathematicians: We’Ve FoUnD SoMeThInG in NuMbEr.Maybe he would have had more succes by actually keeping a strat, though, it's not a surprise anymore after the first two quick turns.Cheers from Brazil.

Ian Andika

OMG it randomly showed up on my recommendation, and I found it really interesting. Magnus is beyond good

Isiah Miller

Master p is so underrated business wise..he has all the success Diddy n bird man had but he was over looked..

Violy Tan

Inspiring story, mabuhay ka Sir Bill. Ang husay naman at ang guwapo ni Xian

Benny Blanco from the Bronx

Shit I started playing less and watching ur videos more. Feels better to watch brilliance than blundering my queen away.


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