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The (strange) Mathematics of Game Theory | Are optimal decisions also the most logical?

Sanaaaaaaol ganito teamwork.Mi board looks super dark and it is almost unplayable.This game reminds me alot of Heroes of Might and magic :D.I cant even watch this all makes me SICK!7:39w i g s n a t c h e d.ML ID: 563191609 (10002)MUCH LOVE TO YOUR CHANNEL.Plz plz plz I want you to say.Excellent acting,brilliant act.

You need to arrive 2 hours earlyMe: alright, I’ll arrive 3 hours early.And I never heard of that serial killer.Yea, and "Bob the new medical intern charges only $1200 for brain surgery.I Think Qa7 is not that difficult to find.Hello Brad, I purchased your plans and built your table but I used red oak and all dowel joinery oh and added breadboard ends finished it off with conversion varnish came out looking great thanks for the plans!And sign and date it on the underside, in Sharpie, so it can be seen.

It really nice to use for collecting juice

It really nice to use for collecting juice

YO DAWG, we heard you liked chess pictures so we, like, took a picture of someone taking pictures of a chess player so that you can look at chess pictures while looking at chess pictures.Because all summon hero week for Area Damage like Cloud, Leomord, Odette or Fanny.Banyak cerita,kenapa kudanya gk dimakan.I was wondering why they made the rooks fat and pig like, then I remembered the term "pigs on the 7th".Cs:84)UnityEditor.All the bastards will be removed from the whole country states in the future because the whole India barath thesam belongs to Tamils we don't need the prostitute mixed people in the power.Slap Ali whenever he's being possessed.I was the Only Person I Knew that owned an 8 track recorder!Slowly this guy is getting more and more famous because of a YouTube recommendation.

That's three squares.

That's three squares.

For a short time.The application may come, just give it time.Did you make them?That's my country.Man you are simply the best.Top 1 kanal o sahu ubedljivo samo gazi!Very nice side table.(If it was folded left under right, not like 0:35 it would be a peak.17 isnt that a checkmate in 2 after black gives up the queen.After that white will go with rook c7 attacking on black's pawn.

Is why I love chess that

Is why I love chess that

Beautiful work !In other words you would give the cabinet new lease of life because you feel you owe it to the item,yourself or person from whom you might have inherited it, or indeed the original maker.The elements are often the source of what many believe to be orbs captured in photos.I love John already.Of course they were far weaker than Morphy, and that's precisely what makes Morphy games less interesting. TY for posting.Gan an haciendo dos jugadas accidentales, la segunda parece casi genial :).You hadabout a 444 percent chance winning.But then I cannot access the actual cell, that was hovered in the event listener.I wish I had enough brain cells to understand this.

I don't even understand how people finish hyper bullet games.Going to all this work and leaving the nasty symbol from the tail that ALL Ju-87's had was way to PC it just killed the model for me.I have had a chessboard on my todo list for a while.I prefer your current voice.:v me llamo maxwell augusto olmoz mendez.I really struggle with this type endgame.Hi was wondering what can you use instead of a plainer?Black held on until lost positionally.


Why couldn't he go to the town of Yahk?


"My quality of life has just gone downhill tremendously"

Daniel Burke

Garry isn't Garry in his prime, let's face it.And Blitz was never his forte.

Phil Cleaver

Snowing in Queensland in December!I think that it is important to point out that you did remove the pilot bit from the hole saw.Merry Christmas.

Pedro Fernandez

Fischer could dismount the powerful Soviet chess school, but he can't vs Tal and Geller. Why? In my opinion pure modern chess, and a lot of theory. Geller is a sample, but Tal was a lot more stronger given his natural talent to play chess. Even the strongest chess player  on the planet (ergo Fischer) was unable to defeat the pure substance of the Soviet chess. Just it was impossible!

James M. Williams

Great advice. This isn't only important to tech enthusiasts but also for professionals whom are entirely reliant on tech.

Eileen Gunzburg

Great channel. Love your voice.

Pockets MacCartney

rook shouldve taken the knight


whoever edited this, thank you for cutting out some of the time between moves.

jhonlee fuderanan

ang gandaniaura

prabhat kumar

Really great lecture .. thanks sir

Faisal Alghassab



This is essential

Guy Harding

If only Boeing’s Recent CEO could take us on a personally guided tour of his factories and talk in such knowledge and detail off the cuff

Magical world

U r great

vale cupa

At this age I was looking at pretty girls

Jim Freeman

Wow, and I'd thought traditional woodwork was dead!! Fantastic craftsmanship!

Jerald Gonsalves

How beautifully explained. Loved the way you related the CAGED with the pentatonic positions.

Hader khan Hader khan


Min Hie

A s dng phn mm g phn tch th ?


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