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luka moina

I think my IQ just went down by watching this video.

Parth Dhama

I love problems like these, they are so easy to understand but insanely difficult to solve, I spent approx 60 hours on this problem, reached nowhere.

atta sheikh

jese e 4 bje k karib karib time hota ha me fone hath me le k new video ka intzar krta hhn

Comrade Skywalker

i use the 3d printer to make the 3d printer


Racist Liver Attack


Robert and Donald. What boring parents.

Muhtadi Ali

Very nice workbench,that will be my next project,thank you

Bart Loncke

well built! I'm surprised to see you using that transparant jig with multiple diameters, did you buy it or is it home made?

Allan Marks

I just watched your video from a few days ago - "Trying to break 2700: Bullet Battle vs GM Naroditsky". That video had music, this one doesn't, and comparing the two - I much prefer no music. Another difference is that this video looks like chess to me, but the bullet game looked like another game altogether. Please tell me, how in the world do you learn to play bullet chess. There is so much material and advise on YT,on how to play better chess, and I think much of this material can be useful in playing Blitz-10,but almost none of it seems very useful for playing Bullet chess because it encourages careful thinking.Note - I do not want to learn to play Bullet, but I very much want to learn to play Blitz 3-2, because every week at the chess club I recently started going to,there is a Blitz 3-2 tournament, and I am doing embarrassingly terrible at these games. I suspect strategies, exercises, and ideas for Bullet can help me in the Blitz 3-2 games I regularly play at the club, so any help will be much appreciated.

Trinh Tu Oc


Tyson Hickey

The irony of story and the ticket price for the mallet is not lost on me. Wicked video! Keep up the awesome work. I just stumbled upon your videos and I love the commentary and fun that you have in your videos. Thx for the knowledge

Lionel Witherspoon

Terrible coverage, the current position , MUST be in view always, not the board from the side.

sam urai

Your commentary is awesomely informative, but I think swearing where appropriate would make this channel even better

Pavithra S

You've mostly taught only combinations. But in the books what ever you've taught in combinations are in permutations. I'm really confused now

Renan Rozante

I can't be the only one mumbling "what?" while seeing this video.

Sujay Bm

Botez says Ben is old and slow?? She got destroyed by him lol!! Utter nonsense

Mallow Schweitzer

You should make a video about Tyrell Crosby as he enters the draft and the NFL

Marina,Miguel Gabuya

Nkkaiyak nmn ,


Wow, I'm impressed that is a lot of work, looks really great ! Awesome job.

Bubinga Marcenaria Artesanal

Thats a neat design with the colors. Good taste, gonna try that one thanks!



owyong anna

Is that a plain yoghurt ?

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