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The tournament decider - Giri vs Carlsen | Tata Steel Chess 2019

But, in Openings only like e4, d4 or C4.Carlsenlook so young.What epoxy glue do you use?Think its time for good ole vinyl player instead.I wouldn't want to play him ever again either lol.Even a7 pawn can be defended by Ra8 but nakamura makes that fault he can't put the rook behind that passed pawn letter.Population: YOU!

5:38 that was an iligal move right?I would straight up buy that just for the aesthetics.I also think you would have had better luck with the stands if you added the same ratio of blue to them.Lol nakamura is not this guy you are acting liek as if he is normal no lol he is legend at chess.I need something like that for my weldingtable project.Keiths face at the starting!

1 analysis: Even if Carlsen had made second move game would have ended in a draw.Your voice is fucking awesome to listen to start a podcast already.Fischer is no match for your insanity."I love the speed"Too much speed.I don't, know who was won.I was passively watching listening to this while doing other things and I was like.I'd give it a 610.Sorry, at first I couldn't find out where the game was played(I searched online).

He has in his earlier videos.His awareness and positional understanding is unparalleled.You put some humor in it, when you had problems.You did well be proud :D.Lol i'm taking notes here :).Alexander was defeated by king Porus.

Paleo Man

happy hanukahwhere's my yamikahhere its inthe key of G Cant you C its just theory.....

Romy Rodriguez

What is the last example from?


I am a great fan of your channel, It's amazing.

Kilimanjarno Arnsson

the grandmaster lost the game on more than time. Fantastic playing by the little guy.

Rhiannon Kiviniemi

Can't remember the last time I watched a DIY video from start to finish without skipping to the end result! This had me mesmerized until the end.Thanks so much for sharing your gift <3Watching from Australia )

D - Ameir

Absolute Perfection!The creativity with the support bracket and bearings, T-track,easy to operate the safety electrical switch is beyond imagination!Looking forward to the next very entertaining video (s), so have subscribed, liked and hit the bell!thanks. Uk

Deanne Something

Thank you Jarvis, now I don't regret what learning python. :D

Noah Boyce

How good it tastes like Pepsi after if it's been through the straw feet if it tastes like nothing

Mr god

Why did you not engage safety squints

Jose Roberto



Thanks for this.

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