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The TR SHOW LIVE... Check in for new FAMILY MEMBERS!

Whats the 1st song called?Every dam cure that has pop up.Haha sharked him.Yes he was a crooked man and did terrible shit in the name of power as well but he was a human too and a terribly broken one as well.Thanks for the video.Lou you're out of control !

Nope still seems like an impossible joint lol.It's either the best or worst emotion.Protect us from the torment of the Fire.So, never realized just how bad the rip-offs were.Also, to anyone who hasn't been to harry potter world: I'm so, so sorry.I'm crying in vegetarian.U r so good at chess!

But, substitution is a very

But, substitution is a very

Happy searching, lol.Good information but more importantly, good talking tempo.And from another living out in country all my life.) nand or "not and".I think I’ve finally worked this out, just need to practice lots now.This so incredibly beautiful.At 7:07 of video, can't we try Nh5 to break Queen's support to Rook, n may get Rooks guard the F pawn from White Q n Bishop n also black queen to the black square diagonal to rescue the king may lead to a draw.Maybe a game, where calculations aren’t needed lol.Good to have your analysis to rewatch it with proper commentary.

What camera cases are you using inside

What camera cases are you using inside

Loved the inlay.What did you use for a finishing polish over the epoxy.Semma i will do it.Omg, this is too good to be true!Caruana and Carlsen are such badass chess players.Good for classical game which we have much time to think deeper.Peter the Great!Upstate Country Living.

Someday I'll have a mini-farm, but for now, the Mk2 is rocking print duty perfectly!Fantastic playing by the little guy.I'd turn to 3rd Person View, and everyone will just be like "Holy sht, his eyes.6 Queens is crazy.Where's "Born to Run?Have you ever brought home a computer to fix and cockroaches come pouring out of it?Superb bro I will try it.8:49 - 8:56:Exactly what every student wants to tell their middle school shop teacher!This is why I love Carlsen.

Grant McClelland

Carlsen in X-games mode

J.M tv Vlogs

Mewatching rigth now March 2020.

Saleh Harbiye

I can play chess with stones so what is the point!!

Midnight Love

Who actually byes the toys


AgadmatorI love your work and am a huge fanYou are an excellent teacher of chess


Finished the beginner courses. So Now what?

Valdinei Batista

Hello how are you? I wonder if it's possible that you make one of his works and send for me in Brazil . I would like to perpetuate the coat of my family in a frame such that you make .if possible please send figures and details on the following e- mail: valdineibatista2008hotmail.comthanks in advance.

Mohd Arshad

when task not comming what should I do

Ajinkya Shinde

How to decide the feed speeds of metric Endmills can use same feed speed for all features

Chad Grapner

Love the videos

Claudiane Nogueira

Ol amigo amigo boa noite essa tbua vou ficou muito show

Davi Gurgel

If you count the divisions of your fingers with your thumb like the sumerians, you will be able to count 12 with one hand, if the simpsons do the same, they can count 9, so there you have 9 digits plus the 0=base 10 system

Samuel Garcia Elfonso

It think the only klan here are the white ones Bjorn!

Denny Law

He surely loves to hear himself talk.

Edrian Esgana


ashraf kabha

but Gary he dident like loss


PatzerKing I love simple comments that are funny! :)

Vincent J

If you want to succeed at affiliate marketing, you need an audience or following that targeted for what you offer.Building a target audience is where all money making start.

Don Furcio

Great work... Right before I see the pieces, I thought: "this is so Alice in Wonderland"... So cool


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