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The Veresov Attack: Chess Openings for White 🎓 IM Valeri Lilov (Part 2)

Just keep going boy.Tal's happy hunting ground.Would the planed finish have more clarity?Give em a break.Masasabi ko lang sa ama ng bata,magaling ung anak nyo pero be fair sa laro sir alam Naman natin na natalo ung anak mo.- What was the fav setting of the ancient Chinese grandmasters?

This is a few years old.

This is a few years old.

He could’ve and should’ve won, because he is a better rapper.Thank you for this, Agadmator, I have already learned a lot watching your excellent channel, not only about chess!Watching your videos."Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class"-Al Capone.I'd like to see you go through that model.Hopefully itll both be at my funeral.The position was so rich that Medo couldn't contain himself XD.Trump should build a wall around the great wall of China!Milk powder naa ho to.Not sure) where he gambits the h-pawn in the middle game to buy tempo for his knight moves.

To tell you the truth, I usually hate indians, but this time, I like your video.This is high level programming and like Titan said, you can really crash your machine badly if you don't dry run you new sub-routine very carefully!Best game at 1:51:16.To go into a tournament with mostly other masters and play ridiculous openings and do so well had to have been thrilling.How did he realise this before the serve ball even went down to hit the racket?  Then I would take oak 14 thick boards and cover the core with them and glue them down, then drop a piece of plywood down on them and park the car on top as a clamp then take the assembly back into the wood shop and get it planed and sanded.

Who is the cheatet.

Who is the cheatet.

He did, and he had one heck of a shiner!HEEELLOO SIIR ERIC ROSEEEN IM ONE OF YOUR FAN THANK U FOR YOUR INSTRUCTIONAL AND ENTERTAINING VIDS, SHOUT ME OUT PLEEEAAAASEEEE FROM THE PHILIPPINES :).They to get upset if there are people bothering them and trying to get them to perform.It works every time.It's stuck on the "logging in 0%" screen :(.

1:53 why do

1:53 why do

No more trash talk!I was here for the camera gambit but it did'nt happen.Its a nice sword,no offense but it's not katana,it just a sword,katana is not made from junk.What kind of game is this what the time goes back up?ALL viruses act in this way, some stronger than others.

Some ofthese tournaments has been a walk in the park from the looks of it."- Adagmator 2017Have laughed this hard couple of weeks.I don't know how it works now on Haas controller because it was 3 years ago I last worked on a Haas but on a the Fanuc basis controllers I'm working on (NCT for examlpe but if I remember right Fanuc can do it, but I need to check it) I can use "I" before the axis letter and don't need G91.I would pay money too watch play.Don't forget the salt and water this time!What was the good funky-disco music?End grain was primarily used for chopping blocks,such as a meat clever which was planed down ever once and a while,get a lot of miles off those babys.But nobody watched that movie so I’m sure I didn’t spoil anything.

Samuel Winata

would you mind to review this play from shigatsu kimi no uso (your lie in april) live version? the violin will be played on the middle tho... Thank you, I hope you can review it because it looks good. thank you

Shari-lyn Mathieu

Ay give him a break

Ji Ro

Haroro is trash


This was awesome, thanks.

Mohan Lal Bhadupota

Its happen only in abroad not in india


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