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Dunno if i'm just too thick to see it but I don't actually appreciate everyone bashing on Daniel.Look down, there’s your answer.NED IS HANDSOME that’s all i wanted to say.What an amazing talent.It is ab by definition of pi.I don't thinkhe win the battle of hydaspes.

When the inside got to final I.Hehe that initial quote is true for capa vs lasker match.Another possibility, and probably better for white, is to put the bishop on d2 with 9.Next: 3 player 3D Chess.Before using this table saw please watch videos about kickback accidents, the table saw is great but you neglect safetyp.Nothing like a Bob Seger reference to a room full of children.2:12 did the rook said 'booyah' ?Beautiful work cheers for the vid.

The amount of cringe the final 3 radiate

The amount of cringe the final 3 radiate

0:39 how did he move the rook through the pawn?I see the reason now.How do you set up in-app purchases?Hola to Javier, es mi cumple, me mandaras un saludo?He also said Adam and Eve didn't have cancer and it is the chemicals in food that cause cancer today.I hear footstep.You've really inspired me.

The second criteria seems to be superfluous.Omg This guys dont know how to play chess omg i dont belive This.Hey at 2:21 if white plays knight to h2 then how will black make checkmate in four moves?Has no body played 4 player chess?Seems more like being in a hospital with sick patients.Like your use of new technology (CNC router) and old (hand chiseling) to create the finished product.Yuo should do yugioh.People who move their king like that call the game "chest".

Another reason for Bb4 is that the bishop keeps an eye on the d6 pawn with some back rank threats.My reaction while watching the video.Alcohol invented itself.Can someone get this "ad" out of my recommendation.Do dgt boards come without coordinates?Can i do that in a Circle wood.Rapeing kids how sad.

Or am I an idiot and I am

Or am I an idiot and I am

Sir for white its not f7 but f2.Nothing JJDD said was false.Then trying hard to find ways to avoid maths might not be so necessary.Lol cant breathe.Other wise big blundder.Wives must've been of an idiot IQ also.How would one go about doing this?

HedgwigHarry Potter.

HedgwigHarry Potter.

More time inside of my subconscious mind rather than the outside, I feel that energy !So many synergies which one ?Everytime the media trys to analyze personal relationships between athletes its so cringe.Is this for 2d platformers?Cuevasdecamuy still, you are talking about the meta-game.She said she playes ADC, and than names two ADC characters, the other dude talks about the 8 pages you don t need to play to know that.Keep up the good work!

Turn your square around

Turn your square around

Excellent work done all round single hand job.Sad that its a trend with killers like this, that they always seem to let off the hook for their first couple of crimes, whether they be murders or rapes.Love epoxy videos, and I was very happy this video wasn't saturated in YouTube ads.Coach nava, new subcriber here.On a 3-dimensional checkerboard.And I just found my new built in PC computer desk design.Subscribe to 3D printing nerd.No idea I could possibly afford a cnc.


I'd hate to use that cutting board it's so nice.Great work

Juan Espinoza



Ah yes the lego harry potter theme

Freeppy The Healer

I wonder what is the boy rating?

Elie Abou Jaoudeh

He was probably disconnecting when turning on his engine... this is how he thought they would catch him...


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