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THIS NEW META IS TOO OP!!! 【Magic Chess Bang Bang】

This is unwatchable with these two bimbos planning their moves.I've done this once before.Incremental booms are the best booms.Sounded like a serious game of Pacman going on in the background.Come on, Pete Buttigieg doesn't care about the Democratic Party -- he is just playing the longer game.I bet this story was told around many campfires over the years.My answer is always the same, the wood and the pen type dictate it.

Zach standing with a lollipop is

Zach standing with a lollipop is

1 black all time move king so solusion is total 10 iq.Paganini equivalent of my instrument?A name like is Igor Smirnov doesn't immediately strike you as Russian?Therapist: Oversimplified character with fingers isn't real, it can't hurt youOversimplified character with fingers: 5:46.Don't have a workshop or even the space for a CNC (and no woodworking exp either :P) but still watched it to the end.

Plus or, i won the game!"These are all ?That is one beautiful table.Whats going on with this clock?Perhaps I bought a lemon, but after having the laptop for 3 weeks, it would blue screen and restart about 3-10 times before starting to run.That takes talent and patience.Omg when they picked up the ducks the man had his eyes on yours for first place!John John vs Dna.

You are naturally

You are naturally

The hammering goes so well with the instrumental 12:34.To me that is more amazing.This would fit in Rivendell.So that white t shirt had lost.Still, hats off to your patience and craftsmanship.I saw this live.

A thng la lai yes.I love how old guy kept saying "what are you DOING?Wow who knew backwoods were the most expensive cigars in the world.Settings Speed 2You can thank me later.YO I LOVE WHEN THE THREE OTHER GUYS START T- Posing.Round 2 john john left earth.What you doing tonight?What are those who is here in 2020.But i dont chop on this board.

Can you answer my question?Where is flowers?18:11Why didn't Anand play Queen to G5 and win the bishop!8M people would want to look at a Fourier Transform video, secondly, I knew I was not up to understanding the Fourier Transformation since I bombed at Maths at UNI.I think he should say it from the opponents point of view and call it the "Oh, shit.

Rina Sari

Disini enak bgt liat nya gampangPas maen lupa wkwk

abo omar

Hey if u guys watching this and think I can do it hahah nope u need balls


Wait, comment WHERE? Below? Below what? I've only been on YouTube for a decade, you HAVE to be more specific than just saying "comment down below" like every single other channel. I don't understand!

Smashing Man 45

Why the heck did Hermione even obliviate her parents????

Nine Finger Woodshop

that is just awesome.

Maria Andriano

Hi moe I tink you shed get those dolls and bringing to the forest


i love that i never realised that james is wearing the tryceratops underwear

Thorbjrn Vaasi


Nandha Kumar

Advani! I have doubt here! At 2:17 What if knight moves to h2. So that we need an extra move to check which gives king to escapeSee knight to h2 and B queen to h4 and W pawn to f4, B pawn to g3 and rook to f3 then we try to check it gets worse..

Filip Wessman

I guessed on 4! HAd a gut feeling it just gets harder and harder till it dont go any more.

Boring channel

Sir yur special effects for writing is different,Do u use a glass as a board in between camera n u if yes then do u practice writing in opposite way like how in mirror image from mirror or some other special effect.

Traders On Flow

Who recorded Penguin s game ?



Jeffrey Hahn

Wait, didn't Will get evicted from his last place because of stuff like this? Does the new landlord not watch his channel?

Matthew Viohl


s ky


Arjun gaming

I love but I am noob in dyrrorth

Sasa Milosavljevic

There is no better lullaby for me than listening to you Jerry..hard to stay awake :)

Tanel Murd

New monopoly should come automated

Rishabh Sharma

Never knew Rainn Wilson interviewed him, thanks !


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